DPWH-3 Concerned Over Unlit MacArthur Highway Sections

Friday, July 4, 2014

DPWH-3 pledged full cooperation with the Local Government Units and agencies concerned over the public clamor for a well-lighted Manila North Road (MNR).

Regional Director Antonio Molano Jr., admitted in an interview that his office has been receiving complaints from motorists and local residents about the risks brought by the “dark” stretch of Macarthur Highway from Barangay San Agustin to Barangay Telebastagan here.

The DPWH, through the Road Board’s Motorists Vehicles Users’ Charge (MVUC), is mandated with the preparation of design and specifications of ht street and traffic signal lights in accordance with the national lighting system.

The LGUs, upon turn-over, shall be responsible for the maintenance aspect.

“It is true that the unlit sections of the MNR and any highway for that matter endanger the lives of our people, especially those staying late at night.”

“We assure everyone that DPWH will closely work with the LGUs and other offices to address this problem and install massive lighting systems along Mcarthur Highway to prevent road-related accidents in the area,” said Molano.