RD Dequito Reveals Plans to Staff for Ifugao 2nd DEO

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Ifugao 2nd DEO staff and Mayor Clemente S. Talusig warmly welcomed Engr. Danilo E. Dequito in Aguinaldo, Ifugao on October 15, 2015. The newly-appointed Regional Director visited Ifugao 2nd DEO as part of his itinerary to personally meet the staff in the District Offices under his jurisdiction.

He introduced himself and shared his biography briefly. He believes that with his extensive experience gained from various Regions, he can handle CAR efficiently and effectively with the help and cooperation of all the staff from the Regional Office and DEOs. RD Dequito enjoined the employees for cooperation and participation as he stressed the importance of teamwork and unity. He asked for all out support from the staff and hoped that the support given to the previous RD will also be given to him.

“The success of one organization is based on strong unification and commitment of everyone to deliver the service by helping one another, so let us work hand in hand as one family. Help me to establish a good environment of teamwork,” he said. He advised the staff to post in every Section the Quality Policy of the DPWH as it serves as the summary on how to function effectively and efficiently as public servant of the Department.

“I am strongly supporting the reform agenda of our agency. It is time to change. Whatever the Secretary has started, let’s support and help him so that our Department’s image will be more refined. Let us move forward delivering the vision, mission and mandate of our Department following one direction.”

He advised the staff to go over existing policies and issuances of the Department for them to be on track. After the short message of the new RD, issues and concerns of the District in project implementation was addressed in an open forum.