EMD Boosts Proper Equipment Operation and Maintenance

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Department of Public Works and Highways Region 10 conducted a seminar on operation and preventive maintenance of heavy equipment and service vehicle last August 24-26, 2016 at the Regional Office Conference Room. This was attended by DPWH operators, drivers, mechanics, maintenance and field engineers who are involved in the construction and maintenance of infrastructure projects. The three-day training was initiated and hosted by DPWH-X Equipment Management Division Chief Hugh Van Erik Q. Tolentino.

Proper equipment operation and maintenance plays an important role in the successful implementation of infrastructure projects. Equipment breakdown due to faulty handling may cause unnecessary delays, which consequently end up in a considerable increase in cost. To minimize breakdowns, avoid accidents and maximize the use of infrastructure equipment, it is imperative that operators, drivers and mechanics are aware of proper operational methods and procedures.

It is because of the above-stated reasons that this seminar has been introduced by the Department to fully equip the persons responsible on the useful information on safe and efficient equipment operation and in the preparation of maintenance plan for all levels.

Certainly, the operators, drivers, mechanics and engineers were properly equipped with complete knowledge on the necessary actions to take in line with the department’s dedication to continually improve the system.