P465-Million Tourism Road Projects in Panay Island

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The construction of connectivity roads has improved access to tourist destinations in Panay Island.

Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) Region 6 has implemented P465 Million worth of road projects funded under FY 2015 national budget to create the gateway to tourism places in the provinces of Aklan, Antique and Capiz.

In the province of Aklan, the DPWH is undertaking two major road projects which provide better and more convenient access to the world-renowned Boracay Island – the Widening of Aklan West Road and Road Opening of Kalibo Circumferential Road.

The widening of Aklan West Road, Kalibo-Nabas section in the town of Tangalan, with the project cost of P138.272 Million, involves widening of both sides of national road with the length of 4.15 kilometers, width of 3.65 meters and thickness of 0.30 meters.

The road opening of Kalibo Cimcumferential Road, on the other hand, has the project cost of P77.9 Million.

The project involves construction of 6.851 kilometers road, 6.70 meters wide and 0.28 meters thick. It also includes provision of 45.0 lineal meters pipe culvert, storm drain, embankment, grouted riprap and stone masonry.

In the province of Antique, the DPWH is implementing the Upgrading/Concreting of Villahermosa-Imparayan-Cabladan-Sitio Apong Road in Sibalom Antique.

The road leads to various tourism areas such as Sibalom Natural Park, Waterfalls Rafflesiaspesiosa Viewing, Gemstone Hunting, Lake “Pako”, Bato Pispis and Mountain Trekking.

Costing P80.0 Million, the project involves concreting of 4.048 kilometers road with the thickness of 0.28 meters and width of 6.10 meters as well as provision of shoulders, box culverts and lined canal.

When completed, the project would provide easy and more comfortable travel going to numerous tourists spots in the area, hence, improving the economic condition of the province and its people.

In the province of Capiz, two major widening projects are currently being undertaken by the DPWH Regional Office VI namely the Widening of Iloilo-Capiz Road (New Route), Dao-Sigma section and Cuartero section.

The widening along Dao-Sigma section with the length of 4.12 kilometers including Road-Right-Of-Way, has the amount of P89.349 Million funded under GAA FY 2015 of the Regional Office and under contract with Silver Dragon Construction, Lumber & Glass Supply.

The project involves widening of both sides of the road with the width of 3.65 meters and thickness of 0.30 meters Portland Concrete Cement Pavement, including excavation and embankment.

It also involves provision of concrete pipe culverts, slope protection, stone masonry and thermoplastic pavement markings.

The widening along Cuartero section, on the other hand, involves widening of 2.447 kilometers roadway including Road-Right-Of-Way, with the thickness of 0.30 meters Portland Concrete Cement Pavement and width of 3.65 meters at both sides of the road, including embankment.

It also includes construction of drainage, reinforced box culvert, slope protection, informative signs and thermoplastic pavement markings.

The project is under contract with Silver Dragon Construction, Lumber and Glass Supply in the amount of P79.051 Million.