DPWH Further Streamlines Eligibility Processing Bidders

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Procurement process at the Department of Public Works and Highways has further simplified with prospective bidders or contractors no longer compelled to submit at least three (3) requirements during the Opening of Bids for eligibility processing.

Secretary Rogelio L. Singson has directed the Bids and Awards Committee (BAC) in all DPWH Regional and District Engineering Offices to stop requiring contractors to submit original Contractor Registration Certificate (CRC), Contractor’s Information (CI), and Class “A” documents enumerated in Section 23.1 of the Implementing Rules and Regulations of RA 9184 (Government Procurement Reform Act) as part of the technical envelope.

Singson said that this development was a result of the updates in the DPWH Civil Works Registry (CWR).

The CWR provides a computerized database of contractors being used for objective, standardized, transparent and efficient processing of interested contractors for DPWH civil works contracts during the eligibility process conforming to existing laws and regulations.

This database is being used to register contractors and determine their eligibility to bid for a project they intend to participate in.

In the updated CWR, the DPWH BAC can now view the Contractor’s authorized Liaison Officer through the CWR’s Contact Person Verification function. This will prevent unauthorized submission of bids by some unscrupulous individuals posing as Contractor’s representatives or Liaison Officers.

An updated version of the CWR v3.5.2 has also been deployed in DPWH Regional and District Engineering Offices, allowing them to print the CI of prospective bidders after eligibility, for evaluation purposes. These prospective bidders need not to submit hard copies of CRC and CI thus preventing the submission of spurious or fake CRC and CI.

Additionally, a new version of CWR will also be deployed wherein Contractors will be able to view their information online.

DPWH projects for bidding are posted in the DPWH and PhilGeps website wherein prospective bidders can download bidding documents and pay at any DPWH offices nationwide.