Davao Expressway

Project Description: 

The project has a length of approximately 29.21 km and is situated on the southeast of Mindanao (Davao City). It is a two-lane per direction expressway that is divided into three (3) Sections:
Section 1 - Davao City Coastal Road to Ma-a Interchange
8.479 km

Section 2 - Panacan Interchange to Ma-a Interchange
8.510 km

Section 3 - Ma-a Interchange to Dumoy Interchange
(with Proposed 0.26 km Expressway Tunnel)
12.221 km

Project Objectives: 

• To link the main areas with centralized passenger and cargo such as port and airport, relieve the traffic pressure in the downtown, improve the transport logistics and traffic congestion in Davao City, and improve the trip conditions of residents.

• To greatly enhance the traffic capacity of Davao section of Asian Highway 26 (AH26) and play a better role as the trunk of Asian Highway.

• To boost economic and social development of Davao and drive the rapid economic development of Mindanao.

Project Cost: 

Section 1 - PhP 23,167.15
Section 2 - PhP 23,432.09
Section 3 - PhP 23,231.16

Total Project Cost : PhP 69,830.40
Note: Total Project Cost includes ROW Cost Estimate
amounting to 4.12 Billion

Project Status: 

• DPWH submitted the project to NEDA for review and approval on 29 June 2020
• The Department in its letter to PPPC dated August 10, 2020 confirmed that the proposed project will be shifted to a PPP mode of implementation in accordance with the Economic Development Cluster’s (EDC) instruction to identify projects that can be offered to the private sector considering the emerging fiscal limits of the national government brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic
• The Project will be further studied under the solicited PPP scheme; therefore, some of the project details and required ICC documents may still vary. DPWH through its PPPS is already closely coordinating with PPP Center to come up with an initial review based on the available project documents.
• DPWH-PPPS presented the salient features of the proposed project in the Infrastructure Development Committee (IDC) XI meeting on September 8, 2020.

Project Alignment: