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(053) 323-1004
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(053) 323-3121
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Engineer Nerie Bueno boasts of more than three decades of experience in the field of civil engineering.


Prior to her assignment as Regional Director for DPWH Eastern Visayas, Engineer Bueno had the opportunity of being Regional Director for Regions I and CAR. She was also an Assistant Regional Director in CAR way back in 2009.


Director Bueno started as an Engineering Aide in Region IV-B in 1983, until she rose from the ranks as the District Engineer of Baguio City District Engineering Office in 2003.


She underwent the following trainings, seminars and programs: Product Testing of DPWH Rehabilitation of Urgent Bridges Projects for CAR; Bridge Management and Routine Maintenance Management; Water Related Technology in the Philippines sponsored by JICA; Implementation on JICA-TCP, Phase II on the Improvement of Quality Management for Highway and Bridge Construction and Maintenance; Enhancement Management Leadership in Support to DPWH Strategic and Operations Planning (Phase I-III); Southeast Asia Interdisciplinary Development Institute Organization Culture Building, Executive Leadership and Management Capability and Enhancement; among others.


Engineer Bueno has been a Career Executive Service Officer (CESO) IV since May 10, 2012.


She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering at the University of Santo Tomas in 1983, and then completed her Master in Public Administration degree at the Baguio Central University in 1999. 


Director Bueno was born in Bulacan to Francisco and Leonila.