Project Description: 
  • The project is approximately 50.43 km tollway, including spur roads (Tagaytay Spur and Tuy Spur), consists of a two-by-two lane carriageway traversing mostly the rural areas of Silang, Tagaytay, Amadeo, Mendez, Alfonso and Magallanes, all in Cavite province, and Nasugbu in Batangas. The alignment has the following interchanges as follows: Silang, Pook, Aguinaldo, Amadeo, Mendez, Alfonso, Magallanes and Nasugbu.
Project Objectives: 

This project aims to:

  • provide free-flowing, high facility alternative route for traffic, presently plying Aguinaldo Highway and Sta. Rosa-Tagaytay Road, which are experiencing congestion during peak periods and weekends.
  • provide linkage between Metro Manila, Cavite and Batangas.
  • provide highway of international standards with a limited number of interchanges, thus improving access to nearby areas such as Amadeo and Indang.
Project Concessionaire: 

Project Proponent: Metro Pacific Tollways Development Corporation (MPTDC) and Metro Pacific Tollways South Corporation (MPTSC)

Project Cost: 
  • Php25.24 B
Project Status: 
  • Ongoing coordination with the Original Proponent. On 13 September 2021, DPWH provided its responses and evaluation on the 12 and 29 July 2021 submission of the Original Proponent. Likewise, DPWH requested the submission of the ROWA & RAP Reports which the Original Proponent committed to submit last 30 June 2021.

  • On 08 September 2021, a meeting was held between representatives from DPWH-PPP Service and the Original Proponent, wherein the comments of DPWH were relayed and discussed with the Original Proponent relative to their 12 and 29 July 2021 submission of documents (i.e. financial model, responses to the Parameters, Terms and Conditions of the Contract)
  • As per ICC-Technical Board meeting on 11 June 2021, DPWH to submit the documents (ROWARAP, revised financial model & revised draft CA) to comply with the instructions of the ICC-TB to facilitate the completion of the project evaluation.
Project Alignment: