Project Description: 

The project is a 91.10 km., 4-lane expressway which consists of 4 segments:

          Segment 1: Bigte-San Miguel-Jct. Biak na Bato Road            30.91 kms.

          Segment 2: San Miguel-Jct. Biak na Bato Road-Gapan City-

                           Jct. Fort Magsaysay Road                                      30.56 kms.

          Segment 3: Gapan City-Jct. Fort Magsaysay Road-

                           Cabanatuan City-Jct. Palayan City Road               17.64 kms.

          Segment 4: Cabanatuan City-Jct. Palayan City Road-

                           Central Luzon Link Expressway (CLLEX Ph 2)      11.99 kms.

                                                                                             Total      91.10 kms.

Project Objectives: 
  • To spur provincial and regional economic activities and provide improved and prompt delivery of services to people in the serviced areas
  • To enhance transport network and accessibility between provinces and municipalities particularly in North Luzon Region.
  • The project’s objectives are also geared in promoting gender equality by providing equal treatment to disadvantaged women through their involvement in the project implementation activities such as promoting the employment of destitute women in highway maintenance and the establishment of women’s corners.
Project Cost: 

 44.610 B  Total Project Cost      

P    3.391 B  Government Support

      0.192 B  Transaction Advisor

      0.385 B  Independent Consultant (50%)

      2.814 B  ROW and other related expenses  


Project Status: 
  • On-going preparation of tender documents for the procurement of Technical Advisory Services under R.A 9184 and its IRR.

  • For Feasibility Study


Project Alignment: