Department of Public Works and Highways
CY 2020
Table 8
  CAR 5.83  
  NCR 4.91  
  I 3.75  
  II 4.56  
  III 3.63  
  IV-A 3.34  
  V 3.39  
  VI 5.02  
  VII 4.58  
  VIII 4.63  
  IX 5.07  
  X 4.31  
  XI 5.24  
  XII 5.16  
  XIII 4.37  
  Nationwide Average 4.68  
  Segments of the roads with an average IRI of 1-3   
  are in “good” condition,  >3-5 in “fair” condition, >5-7 in   
  “poor” condition and >  7 in“bad” condition.  


1.) Road data provided are as of  15 October 2020.

2.) The unit of measure for Road Data is kilometers.

3.) National Roads are classified into:

        Primary Roads - A contiguous length of significant road sections extending linearly without any breaks or forks that connect major cities (At least around 100,000 population) comprising the main trunk line or the backbone of the National Road System.   

        Secondary Roads - Directly connect cities to national primary roads (except in metropolitan areas) or those not included in the category of major cities. Likewise, said roads directly connect major ports, major ferry terminals, major airports, tourist service centers, major government infrastructure to national primary roads. They also directly connect provincial capitals within the same region.

        Tertiary Roads - Other existing roads under DPWH which perform a local function. (In the map, these roads are represented only by letters.)

4.) No Assessment refers to Road Sections that are either under construction and/or segments with length below the 50-meter gauging length.

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