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  Contrary to published reports that the Cervantes - Mankayan- Abatan Road project in Benguet is suffering from delays, the Department of Public Works and Highways clarified that the said road project in fact is ahead of schedule. In his report to DPWH Secretary Hermogenes E. Ebdane Jr., DPWH Philippine Japan Highway Loan Project Director Vicente Perez said that the project is already 39.3% complete, ahead of 17.02% compared to its scheduled accomplishement rating. “ Much of the programmed works are completed even before the inclement weather were experienced in the Cordillera Region during the past few weeks. We even advised the contractor to take necessary action plan to catch up for the lost of time during the visit of typhoon Emong in Northern Luzon” Perez said. The Cervantes-Mankayan-Abatan Road project is one of the DPWH priority projects as it is considered as a heritage highway linking the historical rich Ilocos Region and the indigenous tourist spots in Cordillera. This P682 Million project involves the construction of 7.6 kilometers of Portland concrete cement pavement, 17.6 kilometers of asphalt cement pavement, improvement of drainage system, slope protection structures and rehabilitation of 5 existing bridges. The project is jointly funded by the Government of the Philippines and the Japan Bank for International Cooperation, it is scheduled to be completed by February 2010.  



  DPWH Secretary Hermogenes E. Ebdane, Jr. said the realization of Bontoc-Tabuk-Tuguegarao Road Project was established as a very essential factor for the enrichment of the economy of the affected areas. It is also considered to be a factor to poverty alleviation since this road is very vital for economic, political, and social interaction within the locality. "It will also promote regional/provincial development such as upland agriculture, tourism, and mining. It will also facilitate lower transport cost of goods and services. White water rafting along the Chico River will be readily accessible upon the completion of the road networks improvement", Ebdane added. Governor Flydelia S. Diazen of Kalinga Province is very thankful of the very big SONA Project of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo because they had been longing for this kind of project for it would link all the municipalities of Kalinga and it would be easier to access the people. "The number one problem in Kalinga is road infrastructure, so this would be a very big help not only on transportation facilities but on the social economic aspect because most of their farm produce would be easily brought to market, I am echoing the sentiments of all my constituents that this project would really improve the life situation in Kalinga," she added. Store-owners Norma and Jaime Gonzeles of Bragy. Locug, Tabuk said they are very grateful for the concreting of their old road as this has made their business more profitable because travelers have increased traversing the Bontok-Tabuk-Tuguegarao road instead of taking the long trip via Isabela going to Baguio. Farmer Alonso Fattit of said the SONA project has made their life easier since all their produce can now be easily brought to the market. Out-of-school youths in their barangay now are making money since the contractor of the project has given them jobs as skilled workers. Regional Director Roy L. Manao said that DPWH-Cordillera Administrative Region working overtime to complete the project on its scheduled. "The weather is against us right now, so while the road constructions are going, we encounter many problems like slides, and other road hazards, so we hope that we will finish the project on time," he said.  



  Construction activities at the Bontoc-Tabuk-Tuguegarao Road Project in Cordillera Region are in full swing to take advantage of the relatively good weather condition. Regional Director Roy L. Manao together with his RPMO-SONA Project Manager Alexander Castañeda and Project Engineers oversee the actual progress of the project trough the conduct of regular field inspection in compliance with the instruction of Secretary Hermogenes E. Ebdane Jr. Director Roy L. Manao said that the implementation of the project was divided into two sections, the P948.322 million Bontoc-Tinglayan Boundary Road (section 1) having a 12.82 % accomplishment and the P2,340.599 million Tinglayan Boudary-Tabuk Road (section 2) having a 31.12% accomplishment as of April 20, 2009. “Our contractors are working overtime in clear areas to take advantage of the favorable weather condition”, he said. “The improvement of Bontoc-Tabuk-Tuguegarao was envisioned to strengthen east-west link as it will spur economic linkages between CAR and Region II and will hasten a north-south mountain link between mountainous provinces such as Mountain Province, Kalinga and Apayao,” Director Manao added. RPMO-SONA Project Manager Alexander Castañeda said that aside from bad weather condition, the only problem they are encountering is road-right-of-way particularly at Bontoc side wherein affected landowners don’t cooperate. “That is why we are conducting regular dialogues with barangay and local officials in order to achieve smooth implementation of the project,” Castañeda added. Barangay Captain Mariano Way-yas of Barangay Tocucan, Bontoc, Mt. Province said they are not against the widening and improvement of the road because it will be very beneficial to them, they are only asking for a just compensation of their affected lots because those lands were owned by their great great forefathers and tilled from generations to generations. Laay Acafa, a small scale vegetable grower and resident in Mt. Province said she is very thankful that the road will be finally improved and widened because for the last seventy two years, she is walking along the narrow, muddy and slippery road to bring her produce from her farm to the marketplace. Bontoc Mayor Franklin Odsey thanked President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo because it’s the first time that the Cordillera Region particularly the Mt. Province is feeling the support of the government through this road which will open the markets and will improve the life of the people particularly Bontoc. “We are working closely with the DPWH in the supervision and monitoring of this project,” he said.  



  The Department of Public Works and Highways-Cordillera Administrative Region (DPWH-CAR) strongly focuses on the speedy implementation of the construction of priority SONA projects of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo for the North Luzon Agri-business Quadrangle like the Halsema Highway (Baguio-Bontoc-Banaue Road) and the Bontoc-Tabuk-Tuguegarao Road. Director Roy L. Manao reported to Secretary Hermogenes E. Ebdane, Jr. that the P1.959 billion Halsema Highway now has a 31.71% over-all accomplishment while the P3.289 billion 108 kms Bontoc-Tabuk-Tuguegarao Road has a 25.84% accomplishment. Director Manao is constantly pursuing these priority projects and personally oversees the implementation of these projects by making unscheduled inspections at the project sites. Since his assumption as Regional Director in early January, Director Manao has been administering the Cordillera Administrative Region with his objective to rally the office behind the battle cry of “TEAM-CAR” – transparency, efficiency and effectiveness, accountable, maintain lines of communications, change, action, resources. As the head of office, he wants to lead by example, for his frontline supervisors and subordinates to emulate. For him, it is not enough that he gives assignments, but he monitors compliance to his directives. In addition to these priority projects, the Cordillera regional office and its district offices continue maximizing their efforts in maintaining well all their national roads. They are also adopting the creation of Parks like the Benenas Park and the Panorama Park along Baguio-Bontoc Road which can be used as stop-over for traveling public to see the awesome and spectacular view they offer. During the recently concluded 4th DPWH CAR Staff Conference 2009 held at the Mountain Province District Engineering Office in Bontoc, Director Manao also directed all District Engineers and Assistant District Engineers to coordinate with the provincial/local officials concerned in order to have a smooth implementation of all priority projects and also to avoid double funding. “The Slogan of our Department is DPWH on the Road, so let our personnel be on the road, maintain the support staff and let all technical people work on projects,” he said.  



  In support with President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s thrust in developing strong foundations of the tourism industry by improving rural infrastructure facilities, the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) declares the Dantay-Sagada provincial road as a national road. In his Department Order No., 20 DPWH Secretary Hermogenes Ebdane Jr. said that the Dantay-Sagada Road is vital of the tourism industry of the municipality Sagada as it serves as main access road coming from the Halsema Highway in Dantay Mt. Province to Sagada, the famous tourism spot. “ Now that the road is under our jurisdiction we can now appropriate funds for the concreting of the 13.5 kilometers of road to lessen the traveling time from an an hour to less than 30 minutes and to provide more comfort tourist flocking the municipality of Sagada ” Ebdane said. Mr. Arman Santos, a local tourist guide in Sagada said the improvement of the road leading to Sagada would surely help attract local as well as foreign tourists because of the convenience brought by the good road condition Through Executive Order No.124 Series of 1987, the DPWH is authorized to classify provincial, city, municipal and barangay roads into national roads. The Dantay-Sagada Provincial Road, also known as the Rev. John Staunton Provincial Road is now within the jurisdiction of the DPWH Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR).  



  Considered as one of the vital road network in Cordillera region as it connects the major tourists spots and agricultural communities to the market areas, the Department of Public Works and Highways doubled their efforts in completing the remaining concreting works in the Banaue-Bontoc Road Project. In his recent inspection, Public Works Secretary Hermogenes E. Ebdane Jr. instructed the DPWH Cordillera Administrative Region to take advantage of the remaining summer weeks and accomplish much of the programmed works. Included in President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s State of the Nation Address, once completed the travelling time from Bontoc in Mt. Province to the famous tourist destination rice terraces in Banaue, Ifugao will be lessened from two or three hours to one hour. Josefina Bangan, wife of a local farmer in Mt. Polis said that even the project is not yet fully completed they had already increase their profit because they were able to sell their vegetable products at a much higher price because of its freshness due to fast delivery from the farm to market centers. DPWH Cordillera Administrative Region Director Roy Manao said that the project is already 35.89% complete and in coordination with the contractor they are maximizing their efforts to complete the project on or before December this year. This P864 Million road project involves the construction of 94.12 kilometers of Portland cement concrete pavement from Brgy. View Point in Banaue to Sumani in Bontoc. It also includes the construction of drainage system, slope protection works and installation of road safety devices such as guardrails and road signs.  



  To develop the tourism and agricultural industry in Cordillera Region and Northern Luzon, the Department of public works and Highways speeds up the completion of Cervantes-Mankayan-Abatan Road. DPWH Secretary Hermogenes E. Ebdane Jr. said that the said road was also known as the Heritage Highway because it connects the high agricultural and indigenous communities of Cordillera Region and the historical sites of Ilocos Region. Implemented by the DPWH Philippine Japan Highway Loan Office, Project Director Vicente Perez said that the project is now 39% completed which is 17% ahead compared to its scheduled completion. This P682 Million road project is jointly funded by the Japan Bank for International Cooperation and the Government of the Philippines. The project would cover the construction of 7.62 kms Portland concrete cement pavement and 17.65 kilometers of Asphalt Cement Pavement (ACP), improvement drainage system, construction of slope protection works and repair of five existing bridges. Among the bridges to be repaired are Comillas Bridge. Libeg Bridge, Baguyos bridge, Tubo Bridge and the Guinaong Bridge. At present, continuous consultation meeting with the LGU concerned officials and individual lot owners are being held for the Road Right of way Acquisition. Furthermore, the contractors were advised to take necessary actions to catch up work because of rain occurrences in this mountainous area.  

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