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  ALL SYSTEMS GO FOR THE NEW SUB-DISTRICT ENGINEERING OFFICE IN DAVAO CITY There is no stopping the metropolitanization of the biggest city in the Philippines. With the steady rise of economic activity and much-improved peace and order situation, Davao City has attracted more people to visit, invest and settle. With the city’s population, which has reached an estimated 1,238,702 in 2003 or a 7.39% increase from 2000 the demand for services and additional utilities have undoubtedly increased. Early January of last year, Representative Ruy Elias C. Lopez of the 3rd Congressional District of the City, asked the DPWH to consider the opening of another engineering office in his jurisdiction to better supervise and implement all its infrastructure construction project s and maintenance. By virtue of Department Order 235 issued last September 5, 2003, Davao City Sub-District Engineering Office was created. The new sub-district engineering office will cover the projects in the 3rd Congressional District particularly the areas of Toril, Tugbok , Calinan, Maarilog and Baguio Districts. For CY 2004, it will assume and undertake, among others, the road construction of the P4.25 Million Baguio-Cadalian road, P3.4 million Inawayan-Baracatan Road, P2.55 million Bayabas-Eden Road and P1.5 million for Sitio Batolusa, Barangay Bangkas Heights in Toril; P2 million each for Barangay Tagakpan, and Sitio Basak, Barangay Mintal in Tugbok, respective; and P2 million Calinan-Dacudao Road, Calinan District. It will also undertake the construction of a hanging bridge at Barangay Lampianao in Calinan costing P1.8 million and multi-purpose halls in Barangay Manuel Guinga in Tugbok District and in Barangay Tungkalan in Toril District costing P1.2 million each. The newly created Davao City Sub-District Engineering Office has started operating in December 2003 at Tugbok District with a workforce of fifty-two (52) including the Acting Head and Acting Assistant Head. Fourteen budgetary and eighteen casual employees from the regional and different district offices in Region XI were detailed to the new sub-district, while an additional eighteen requested employees (R.E.) are currently helping in carrying out the duties and responsibilities of the office. Assistant District Engineer Rogelio G. Lasaga and Engineer Isagani G. Javier have been designated as Acting Head and Acting Assistant Head, respectively. The 3rd Congressional District represents the more rustic side of the city. Its topography stretches form the bay towards the foot of the highest peak in the country, Mt. Apo. It boasts of its vegetable and fruit produces, and aquatic resources, which supply not only Davao City but also other cities in Mindanao, Metro Cebu and Metro Manila. It is also home to various ecological destinations such as the sanctuary of the world renowned Philippine Eagle and various endangered species, and heritage and nature parks for the pleasure of both homegrown and outside tourists.  



  REGION XI SUSTAINS TOP RATING IN 2003 INFRA ACCOMPLISHMENTS Lead in current-year infra projects, quality control and road condition performance ratings Early January 2004 the Bureau of Research and Standards (BRS) of the Department of Public Works and Highways announced that Region XI placed first in the 2003 Regional Current-Year Infra Project Implementation, with 19.02 percent accomplishment. It also reported a 91.36 percent performance rating for quality control on project implementation, holding the sole distinction of being rated “Outstanding” in 2003. The Region topped the ranks in quality control for seven consecutive years. While eighth time in the last nine years. Five of seven district engineering and a sub-district engineering offices got an “Outstanding” rating, while the other two achieved the adjectival rating of “Very Satisfactory”. Likewise, the Bureau of Maintenance also reported a 92.54 percent performance rating for Region XI on Road Condition during the last evaluation period, making it the over-all top performer in 2003. Regional Director Dimas S. Soguilon expressed elation for the fine performance of the Region, which he led for two years as he showed the article published in the “Manila Bulletin”, January 19, 2004 issue. In his New-Year’s address to the DPWH XI employees, he honored the unflinching dedication and cooperation of the employees and officials in the Region, and encouraged their further improvement and consciousness on the Department’s vision and mission to uphold “a well-respected, efficient and effective professional workforce for the utmost satisfaction of the public.” The Region completed 1, 455 of the 1,708 projects programmed in 2003, which include 2002 carry-over projects. Undertaken during the year include 116 projects under the DPWH Regular Infra Program amounting to P423.49 Million; 1,336 Various Infrastructure including Local Programs (VIILP) amounting to P1.17 Billion; two (2) other national public works worth P3 Million; 213 Department of Education (DepEd) School buildings worth P99.78 Million; 12 General Agreement on Tariffs and Trades (GATT) projects worth P30 million; and P29 Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) projects worth P12.69 Million. 90 of the total programmed projects are yet to be started. Completed during the year include the Concreting of the Davao-Cotabato Road, Matina-Toril Section in Davao City, with an appropriation of P12.27 Million; Widening of Lasang Bridge and Approaches in Davao del Norte, with P19.52 Million; and improvement of Babak-Samal-Katiputian Road, Island Garden City of Samal in Davao del Norte, with P58.85 Million. Also accomplished foreign-assisted project is the P302.49 Million Construction/Improvement of Compostela-New Bataan-Liboton Road, Compostela Valley-Contract Package No. XI. For road preventive maintenance, the Region completed the P53 Million asphalt overlay of the 11.495 kilometer Davao-Cotabato Road, Inawayan-Coronon Section in Sta. Cruz, Davao del Sur-also one of the important arteries in Region XI. Two of the most important locally funded projects undertaken by the DPWH-Region XI in Davao City during the year include the P72 Million Reconstruction of the Davao River Bridge at Maa and the newly constructed P87 Million Buhangin Vehicular Underpass, Buhagin. The opening of both major infrastructure developments along the Davao City Diversion Road has greatly eased the growing traffic congestion in the area. These would also mitigate future problems on accessibility demands, especially after the recent opening of the new Davao International Airport Terminal, also located along the same thoroughfare. Also to be completed within the first and second quarter of 2004 are the United Kingdom (UK) Assisted Bridge Projects, namely: Construction of P18.79 Million Upper Sumlog Bridge and Approaches in Lupon, Davao Oriental; P8.05 Million Tadia Bridge and Approaches in Nabunturan, Compostela Valley; and the P9.96 Million Haguibawa Bridge and Approaches, also in Nabunturan. The following major flagship projects are ongoing: Restoration of the Davao City-Bukidnon Road (Calinan-Buda Section) Contract Package No. 03 (P357.56 Million) under the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) Projects; the Rehabilitation the Agusan-Davao Road, 21st YCP, Langkilaan (Trento)-Monkayo Section-Contract Package No. 13. (P239.18 Million) under the Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) Assisted Projects; Tagum Carmen Section-Contract Package No. 17 (P385.04 Million, also under JBIC; and the UK-Assisted Construction of Mesolong Bridge II and Approaches in Talaingod, Davao del Norte (P13.94 Million). During the year, DPWH Region XI was allocated P1.07 billion for is infrastructure projects. Despite problems in budget releases, the region was able to sustain its programmed work with P214.75 Million earmarked for locally funded projects (LFP). P513.39 Million for foreign-assisted projects (FAP) and P343 Million for VIILP. Of the 2003 allocation, the Congressional District received P10.20 Million each . except for Davao Oriental, which received P23.54 Million for the implementation of Urgent Arterial and Secondary Roads in Mindanao (UASRM). Additional allocations were given to other district offices to carry out the thrust or program of the Arroyo Administration particularly on tourism development, peace and order improvement, traffic decongestion and agricultural modernization. An additional P33 Million was given to each Congressional District under the VIILP.  



  FINAL INSPECTION OF FOREIGN FUNDED FARM-TO-MARKET ROAD Officials of the Department of Public Works and Highways and Department of Agrarian Reform conducted a joint final inspection on March 4, 2004 before turning over to end-users the completed P1.4 million rehabilitation of farm-to-market-road in Barangay San Victor, Baganga, Davao Oriental. The DPWH Davao Oriental 1st District Engineering Office implemented the road project through a Memorandum of Agreemetn with the Department of Agrarian Reform under the Agrarian Reform Rural Infrastructure Support Projects II (DAR-ARRISP) loan program of the Government of Japan. The construction of the road project was started on July 31, 2003 and completed on October 30, 2003. The 1,820 linear meter long farm-to-market road is part of the road network that connects Barangays San Isidro, San Victor and Kinablanga. With the development effort currently being implemented in the area, transport of agricultural products will hasten. The area used to be impassable to vehicles and only utilizes carabao or cow led kanga (sleigh) to transport most of the goods to destination. With the new rehabilitated road, four-wheeled vehicles can now traverse the three barangays all the way to Baganga Public Market which is ten kilometers away. Furthermore, the completion of the road is expected to help improve mobility of residents as well as efficiency of production and marketing of goods and services in the area.  

Burned Elementary School undergoing reconstruction


  Burned Elementary School undergoing reconstruction The Digos Central Elementary School in Davao del Sur is currently undergoing reconstruction after a large section was burned down in October 2002. The project includes the demolition of the burned structure and complete construction of a three story-12 classroom academic schoool building on the site where the old school rooms stood. It has a floor area of 1,242 square meters. It has a contract amount of P9.89 Million, programmed under the CY 2002 Calamity Fund of the DPWH Region XI Davao del Sur 1st District Engineering Office, Digos City. The project which started last July 4, 2003, is already 80 percent completed. The fire that created a huge set back on the academic environment of the Digos Central Elementary School destroyed approximately 74% of the building. For this school year, 3,071 pupils are sharing the remaining 16 classrooms that were spared from the fire incident. By next school year, the twelve new classrooms will help augment the need for learning spaces for the teachers and pupils.  



  IT TRAINING FOR EXECUTIVES KUDOS to Participants of the Information Technology Training for Executives (Part II), held last May 27-28, 2004 (1st batch) and May 31 to June 1, 2004 (2nd batch) at the RDC-ARENA, DPWH XI, Davao City. In photo are the participants of the 2nd Batch. Standing at the background (L-R) are ARD Emiliano T. Salang, Jr., Region XIII; ARD Rolando M. Asis, Region VI; OIC-RD Mariano R. Alquiza, Region XII; RD Romeo S. Momo, Region XIII; RD Rudy G. Canastillo, Region IX; RD Juanito P. Abergas, Region VII; RD Robert G. Lala, Region X; ARD Mangbalo S. Maniri, Region XII; and ARD Kalikozaman T. Taha, Region IX. At the foreground (L-R) are Anabelle de los Reyes, Chief of IT Training Section, MIS; ARD Dahlia V. Nolasco, Region XI; OIC-ARD Marlina S. Alvizo, Region VII; Elizabeth E. Yap, Chief, MIS; ARD Norma Gironella, Region X; Erllinda Fernandez, MIS; and Fancis Paulino, MIS. No exemption – Even the DPWH regional executives think that they have to learn computer operation and the necessary IT applications in preparation for the IT based Business Improvement Implementation Projects (BIIP) of the Department. Remote Control – Through information technology, the regional executives can already manage their offices wherever they are or without leaving their workstations. The DPWH has yet the most advanced IT system among the government agencies today. With the massive trainings given to the executives and employees, the Department comes closer to the goal of becoming one of the most effective government organizations in the country. Eventually, it’s going to be a paperless operation. While the use of IT would improve the transparency and accountability mechanisms of the DPWH, it could also enhance efficiency in cost operation. In photo is DPWH XI Assistant Regional Director Dahlia V. Nolasco demonstrating her knowledge and skill in word processing, which she could use in editing digital communications and documents submitted electronically for her perusal. The regional executives believe that they need to practice their newly acquired skills in computer operation when they return to their respective regions to sustain the learning experience. In photo is DPWH XII Assistant Regional Director Osop Ali getting acquainted with the technology that will dominate the Department operations in the near future. Who says the boss cannot learn any more? – Classmates Region XII OIC- ARD Tomas M. Rodriguez, Region XII ARD Osop Ali, and Region XI ARD Pundidato L. Mitmug proved that even directors and retirables could work and look good with computers. All ready for the IT reforms - Computer friendly Assistant Regional Directors Evelyn T. Barros of Region XIII and Isabelo V. Mascardo of Region VII (L-R) showed familiarity in computer operation during the first batch of the IT Training for Executives held last May 27-28, 2004 at the DPWH XI. Also in photo is ARD Sinaolan T. Macarambon of Region X (far left). Computers have become a necessity, says DPWH XI Assistant Regional Director Dahlia V. Nolasco in her welcome address during the kick off of the IT Training for Executives on May 27-28, 2004 at the RDC-ARENA, DPWH XI, Davao City  



  REGIONAL EXECUTIVES ENCOURAGED TO USE I.T. IN THEIR DAY-TO-DAY WORK The Monitoring and Information Service (MIS) of the Department of the Public Works and Highways encouraged the regional executives to use information technology (IT) in their day-to-day work. At the closing ceremonies of the IT Training for Executives (Part II) held from May 31 to June 1, 2004 at the DPWH Regional Office XI, MIS Director Elizabeth E. Yap said that the directors can start doing their jobs with the aid of the applications taken up in the Training to sustain the learning experience. Showing how IT could be integrated in their work, she suggested that they should practice their skills by using the windows applications and DPWH intranet capability in creating, sending, receiving, reviewing and correcting documents. The syllabus included the basic operation of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint applications. As head of the MIS, Director Yap also shared to the group how she effectively runs her office with the use of IT, even if she is in a remote location, such as Davao City. The Part II of the IT Training for Executives also helped gauge the progress of the directors since the close of the first part, which was conducted early this year. They have realized the need to appreciate technology and be considerably proficient in computer operation in preparation to the IT-based Business Improvement Implementation Projects (BIIPs) that will soon be fully operational. The applications that were developed under the BIIPs include the Civil Works Registry (CWR), Contract Preparation System (CPS), Project Monitoring System (PMS), Document Tracking System (DoTS) and Executive Information System (ExIS). The IT training for Executives (Part II) had its first batch of trainees last May 27 to 28, 2004 also at DPWH Regional Office XI. A total of nineteen regional directors and assistant regional directors from various regions from the Visayas and Mindnao attended the two consecutive training batches. The IT Training for Executives (Part II) is still ongoing. The next batches are expected to take place on June 14 to 15 and June 16 to 18, 2004 at the DPWH MIS. The training scheduled in Region V, Bicol Region has been postponed. The MIS has also scheduled several IT Trainings for various levels in the organization for 2004.  



  GOV’T. SPEEDS UP INFRA ACTIVITIES IN MINDANAO The government is undertaking speedy implementation of infrastructure projects throughout Mindanao as one of key development efforts of the Macapagal-Arroyo administration. Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) Secretary Florante Soriquez has instructed Assistant Secretary Mocamad M. Raki-in Sr., in-charge of the operations in Mindanao, to regularly confer with field executives of the agency in Mindanao in order to fast-track implementation of vital infrastructure projects. In his meeting with officials of DPWH Southern Mindanao Region, Raki-in urged to work hand in hand with the President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s program for development in Mindanao through vigorous implementation of infrastructure projects. Raki-in rallied co-workers at the DPWH Region 11 to work with full integrity, commitment and high ethical standards to restore public trust and confidence and overall improve the bureaucracy in general and the Department in particular. He also challenged all district engineers of Region 11 including division chiefs to rally behind fight against the twin evils of graft and corruption. Raki-in called on everyone to focus on meeting the President’s 10–point Agenda or specific program of action enunciated in Her Excellency’s inaugural speech on June 30, 2004 and to support the policy direction of the department in fast-tracking of project implementation, increasing transparency, enhancing quality of work, maximizing use of information technology, reorienting the key officials and restructuring of the organization, and ensuring accountability to the public. The DPWH Assistant Secretary considered his visit in Region 11 an opportunity to inspect major on-going projects in the region such as Panabo Coastal Road which includes the construction of two (2) bridges with a total appropriation of some P172-million.  



  SURIGAO-DAVAO ORIENTAL COASTAL ROAD, AMONG PGMA'S PRIORITY PROJECT IN MINDANAO The Surigao-Davao Oriental Coastal Road Project is one of the priority infrastructure projects of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo in Region XI. According to DPWH Secretary Florante Soriquez, the project is included in the list of priority projects under the new Medium-Term Philippine Development Plan for 2005-2010. Soriquez said that the President is deeply concerned for the development of Davao Oriental and Surigao del Sur. By taking the affirmative action, the President wants to end the long agony of the people of Surigao del Sur and Davao Oriental in the next five years by giving them the opportunity to develop their lands, tap their rich natural resources for income generation, and establish markets for their goods and services, he added. With the improvement of the coastal road connecting the two provinces, Soriquez said that the people in these areas could have a better life. After receiving the confirmation from the World Bank last September 10, 2004, Soriquez immediately issued a notice to the contractor R-II Builders Incorporated to start the P555-Million rehabilitation works for the Davao Oriental Coastal Road Project, Manay-Mati section. The project is being supervised by the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development-Project Management Office (IBRD-PMO) and will be completed in thirty months period.  



  “WE’VE GOT TO LOOK AT IT PROPERLY”, SAYS SEC. EBDANE ON THE DPWH RATIONALIZATION The rationalization process of the Department of Public Works and Highways is in full swing even before its scheduled rationalization program, which starts on October 4, 2005. In a press conference held in Davao City last week, Secretary Hermogenes E. Ebdane, Jr. clarified speculations that the rationalization process is on hold. “In fact, (DPWH XI) Regional Director Dimas Soguilon is part of that (Sub-Change Management Team that is responsible for the rationalization of functions and positions in the regional and district levels of the department). I am awaiting for their recommendations because DPWH is quiet a big department”, he said. “We have one hundred seventy-four district offices, of which the distribution of the employees is not equal. We’ve got to look into it properly because we do not want to create anymore additional social problems”, he added. He said that the intention of the government is to save money, but the technical working group of the department-wide rationalization process is looking at possibilities of protecting the employees. For positions that will be affected, he said, “while they (employees) may be reassigned, they (may opt to stay) until they retire. For employees whose positions will be relocated, he added that, as much as possible, they will be transferred within the areas where they are situated to avoid dislocation. At the moment the Change Management Team (CMT), in-charge of the rationalization process of the DPWH, is working hard to ensure proper identification of positions and its functions for a more efficient and effective bureaucracy. The submission of the department recommendations to the Department of Budget and Management will be on or before the December 4, 2005 deadline. Starting October 4, 2005, the Secretary also announced that there will be no hiring, filling up of positions, promotions, renewal of appointments, transfer, and other movements in the organization until the rationalization plan of the department is approved by the President. While in Region XI, Secretary Ebdane met with the DPWH XI regional officials and inspected the projects along the Panabo Wharf Road and the Panabo Coastal Road in Davao del Norte. He discussed with the regional staff the cost and design schemes of the proposed replacement of the Padada Bridge in Davao del Sur and the Tuganay Bridge in Davao del Norte, both seriously needing reconstruction. He instructed them to submit a scheme that will offset the alignment of the bridge reconstruction, which is expected to be more economical. The new scheme will no longer entail construction of a detour bridge as the existing bridge can still be used until the completion of the new bridge.  



  DPWH TO CONSTRUCT WATER SUPPLY PROJECT IN DAVAO DEL NORTE A total of 250 households in Brgy Sto. Niño, Talaingod, Davao del Norte will soon enjoy clean and potable water as the DPWH fast tracks the construction of a water supply project in the area. In compliance with the directive of DPWH Secretary Hermogenes E. Ebdane Jr., DPWH Region 11 Director Dimas Soguilon reported that they are speeding up the construction and improvement of the P954,000 worth of water supply project under the Presidents Priority Program on Water (P3W). “ Being implemented by the Davao del Norte District Engineering Office and in coordination with the local government of Talaingod, the project is expected to completed by February 2006” Soguilon said. The project includes the construction of spring catchment box, deep well, pump house, concrete water tank and installation of pipe lines. Soguillon added that Brgy. Sto. Niño is one of the beneficiaries of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyos commitment in her 10-point Agenda specifically in providing electricity and water supply to selected barangays nationwide.  



  DPWH LAUNCHED JOB GENERATION PROGRAM IN DAVAO. DPWH Region XI Director Dimas Soguilon recently launched the “Roadside Maintenance Job Creation Program” of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo in Davao City. The program aims not only to provide job opportunities for out of school youths and unemployed Filipinos but it also assures public safety through implementation of effective road maintenance activities.  

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