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Davao City Coastal Road Project


  DPWH Secretary Mark A. Villar checks the plan at the Times Beach Section for the P34.5-B Davao City Coastal Road scheduled to be implemented in 2017. With Secretary Villar are Senior Undersecretary Rafael C. Yabut (2nd from left), Regional Director Allan S. Borromeo (1st from right), Region XI Planning and Design Division Chief Teofila U. Tan and Construction Division Chief Elias P. Bermejo.  



  The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) Regional Office 11 will construct ten (10) bypass roads that are intended to ease heavy traffic now being experienced in Davao City.

According to Dean I. Ortiz, DPWH-XI Regional Public Affairs and Information Officer, these priority projects in Davao for 2017 are products of close coordination between the local government unit (LGU) and the DPWH.

“These roads are seen to increase the city’s potentials for commercial, industrial and housing development as Davao City is now poised into becoming a top contender (in growth) because of its promising economic outlook,” Ortiz said.

Among the high impact projects bared by Ortiz is the improvement and widening of the Catalunan Grande road which starts in Bangkal and ends at Davao-Bukidnon road traversing Elenita Heights, in Mintal. This project with a total length of 8.4 kilometers is worth P751.971 million is an alternative route of the Davao-Cotabato Road going to Davao-Bukidnon Road.

DPWH Region 11 is also set to reconstruct and widen the following roads: the Slaughter House Road up to F. Torres Bridge with bridge widening worth P469.4 million; bypass road at Jct. Davao City Diversion Road-Communal-Cabantian-Tigatto Road worth P472.4 million; bypass road at Jct. Daang Maharlika-Eliong-Jct. Acacia Road worth 244.9-M; and bypass road at Jct. Daang Maharlika-Licanan-Bunawan-Mahayag-Indangan-Cabantian-Jct. Davao City Diversion Road (Buhangin-Lapanday Road) worth P1.7 million.

Other multi-million projects include the reconstruction/concreting/widening of bypass roads at Jct. Davao City Diversion Road-Tigatto Road-Jct. Davao City Diversion Road worth P1.01 billion; Jct. Mamay Road-La Verna-Davao City Diversion Road worth P432.2 million; Buhangin-Tigatto-Mandug-Callawa-Fatima Road worth P1.3 billion; Jct. Daang Maharlika Road-Mudiang-Malagamot-Jct. Indangan Road worth P507.09 billion; and the Fatima-Malabog Road-Mabuhay-Pañalum-Paquibato Road at P633.6 million.

Ortiz added that these projects are already funded under the 2017 budget of the DPWH-XI. Surveys and road-right-of-way negotiations are now on-going.



  The DPWH Davao City District Engineering Office (DCDEO) now has a new head in the person of OIC District Engineer Wilfredo G. Aguilar.

In a simple turnover ceremony held recently at the DCDEO lobby, Aguilar formally took over the reins of the District from former OIC DE Gregorio C. Yee. The event was attended by new DPWH XI OIC Regional Director Allan S. Borromeo, Section Chiefs and employees.

Aguilar started his career with the agency in 1978 as a working student employed as a laborer at the former DPH in Nueva Ecija. Molded by pure industry, self-discipline and hard work, he inched his way through college as a Civil Engineering student at the Araullo University until his graduation in 1979.

Since then, Aguilar slowly rose to the ranks until he became a full-fledged Assistant District Engineer (ADE) at DPWH South Cotabato DEO in 2010. He also served as ADE and OIC-DE for the Sultan Kudarat DEO in separate terms.

Prior to his latest assignment, Aguilar was ADE to Engr. Gene P. Lozano of the DPWH DCIIDEO based in Tugbok since 2013. During his stint, he has already grown akin to the city, its people and its needs, as he now calls himself a proud adopted son of Davao.

In his speech, Aguilar emphasized the need for cooperation among all employees in order for the Office to achieve its goals. During the program, he also highlighted his three fundamental requirements to everyone including contractors: Quality; Workmanship and Speed. These he said, will spell the success of the District into becoming a leader in project implementation not only in Region 11 but among other regions as well.

For his part, RD Borromeo posed a challenge to the new leadership to further improve its performance as the city is now the center of both local and international attention. As of this writing, DPWH XI ranks second overall among the eighteen (18) DPWH Regional Offices in the country.



  The DPWH-XI has a new regional director in the person of Engr. Allan S. Borromeo. He took over the leadership from RD Mariano R. Alquiza during a simple turn-over ceremony at the DPWH-XI regional office Wednesday, October 12.

Engr. Borromeo until his assignment here in region eleven was the Assistant Regional Director of DPWH-Region 12 based in Koronadal City.

Engr. Borromeo is also a seasoned engineer of the DPWH who rose from the ranks starting as laborer at the then MPWH Cagayan de Oro City Sub-District Engineering Office on October 5, 1985.

He was promoted to Engineer II and because of good performance he was promoted to head the Construction Division on August 10, 2010. He was sent to various trainings but the most notable of which was his training for Comprehensive Bridge Engineering held in Tokyo, Japan and the On-line Electronic Procurement (transport) held in Manila. He became the OIC-District Engineer of the now DPWH Cagayan de Oro City 2nd District Engineering Office. It was not long that he passed both the CESO and DPWH Promotional Examinations. He became a full-fledged District Engineer on January 11, 2013.

He obtained his Doctorate in Management in the University of San Jose Recoletos, Cebu City. He completed two Master’s Degrees in Management and Management Engineering.

Under DPWH Special Order No. 148, he was assigned as the OIC-Assistant Regional Director in the DPWH-Region 12 based in Koronadal City on August 2, 2013. He became a full-fledged ARD on July 9, 2015, also in Region 12.

During the turn-over, RD Borromeo asked the same cooperation from the District Engineer, staff and rank and file employees of region eleven. The same cooperation that made DPWH-XI a consistent top performer in the implementation of infra projects nationwide.

RD Mariano R. Alquiza, on the other hand turned over to the incoming Director the DPWH banner, key and books of accounts.

He profusely thanked all the district engineers, assistant district engineers, division chiefs and the rank and file for their unwavering cooperation during his more than 4 years as regional director here in region eleven.

RD Alquiza left a lasting legacy of good management that he has made the regional office a by-name in infra implementation having topped the annual infra implementation several times.

Alquiza during his stint generated an unprecedented sense of work culture on the employees that can only be summarized as the best.

For instance, the MAG-OKS (Magandang Opisina, Kalsada at Sistema) not only systematized the operational system of the district officer and the regional office as well but also brought into the workforce a new sense of work attitude that heightened the delivery of public service.

Engr. Alquiza as President of ARENA-XI (Association of Regional Executives of National Agencies) has made a lasting imprint in bringing the government closer to the people thru the Serbisyo Caravans especially in the rural areas.

The region with its new but seasoned regional director will implement an infra program for 2017 that will be worth more than P38-Billion.



  The Department of Public Works and Highways 11th Regional Office, this early, is now preparing for a possible P38-billion worth of infrastructure projects to be implemented for 2017.

According to Regional Director Mariano R. Alquiza, the office is now in receipt of the National Expenditure Program (NEP) for the year 2017. The NEP is yet to be approved by Congress who may cut or add the infra allocation. “But already, we now have a figure to reckon with and it is a very huge amount compared to the present 2016 infra allocation of P19.6-billion,” Alquiza said.

“We are already anticipating the possible constraints that will confront us in the implementation of those projects, like road right-of-way, shortage of cement and aggregates, skilled manpower and early notices to all who will be affected but the projects,” Alquiza said during the monthly press conference held at the DPWH-2nd DEO at Tugbok, this city on September 15, 2016.

For the DPWH-2nd DEO under DE Gene Lozano, the 2017 infra allocation will be worth P2.1-billion to fund some 49 projects including joint supervision projects. The said district office under Engr. Lozano is one of the region’s top infra implementors and already it has accomplished 66% for all its 2016 projects as of August 31.

Region 11, for the year 2016 is implementing 790 infra projects worth P19.6-billion and as of August 31 has already accomplished an equivalent of 58.52%.

“We are confident that we can complete all these projects by the end of the year,” Director Alquiza said, as he thanked the media for helping the DPWH disseminate vital information regarding infra development.



  The DPWH implemented the provisions of RA 6685 and RA 9710, more known as the Magna Carta of Women with released of Department Order No. 130.

The DO urges the DPWH regional and district offices including contractors and subcontractors to make the minimum percentage of 50% of unskilled labor requirements and 30% of skilled labor requirements equally accessible to both women and men, with women comprising 20% of the required workforce.

Priority shall be recruited from unemployed, duly certified residents where the projects are being undertaken who are also willing and able to work. In cases when a project traverses two or more localities, the labor requirement shall be recruited proportionately from the places traversed by the project.

The Implementing Office, shall, upon publication of the Invitation for Prequalification to Bid, advise concerned LGU heads of the project and its labor requirements. They shall likewise advise them to submit a list of sex-disaggregated, able, qualified and willing laborers, both unskilled and skilled, in their respective localities. From which listing, the contractor shall select for employment the labor requirements of the project.

The Implementing Office shall then see to it that the Instructions to Bidders and Trader Documents include a provision for strict compliance with RA 6685 and that its penalty clause provision is included in the Conditions of the Contract to be entered into.

In the pre-bid conference, the Prequalification Bids and Awards Committee shall discuss and disseminate to all prequalified bidders the provisions of the said law and emphasize that the organization chart for the project under bid, which shall accompany the bid proposal, must indicate the total number of the skilled and unskilled labor requirements of the project, otherwise, appropriate sanctions as provided by law may be imposed.

Upon award of the contract, and after the contractor has accomplished all the requirements for its approval, they shall then inform the concerned DOLE and PESO offices of their manpower requirements for them to provide recruitment assistance. Prior coordination with the Philippine Commission on Women, DepEd, CHED and TESDA on training provisions and with the BLGUs to assist in the hiring of female workers, is also required.

According to Regional Director Mariano R. Alquiza, the DPWH has always been a proponent of gender equality in its projects and among its ranks. “We make it a point to integrate various gender activities in the implementation of our projects and it is my personal belief that all [genders] have the right to equal opportunities to achieve full and pleasing lives,” he added



  Outgoing Secretary Rogelio L. Singson on Wednesday, June 22 2016, visited the DPWH XI Regional Office in Davao City as part of his final tour of the DPWH Regional Offices all over the country. He was welcomed by no less than Regional Director Mariano R. Alquiza, ARD Tomas Rodriguez and more than a hundred well-wishers from the Regional and District Offices.

In his farewell speech, Sec. Singson recalled how he took the job as Secretary of the once corruption-riddled agency was a calling and that his acceptance of the job had a purpose. According to Singson, “my purpose was to serve God and country and I felt it was in DPWH that I could do that.”

Citing the theme of the agency’s 118th Anniversary, “Serbisyo Tungo sa Patuloy na Pagbabago,” he appealed to all employees to continue what has been started. “My request is, let us help the Duterte administration succeed with what they have to do and most importantly let us help incoming Secretary Villar so that he will succeed and the department will also succeed.” He was also happy to say that he has Villar’s commitment to continue the agency’s good governance and anti-corruption (reform) programs.

RD Alquiza, for his part, thanked the outgoing Secretary for bringing about the positive change that the agency has been longing for, “it was through the initiatives of the Secretary (Singson) that this agency, which used to be referred to as a hub of corruption in the past administrations has become an exemplar of honest and effective service,” said Alquiza. He also expressed his admiration of Singson’s simplicity and his credibility as a role-model, not only for the Department but for the entire bureaucracy.



  The Construction of Hanging Bridge at Sitio Panigan is one of the many Infrastructure Projects implemented by Davao City 2nd District Engineering Office under the CY 2015 Local Infrastructure Program (GAA). Contracted by Five Massive Infra & Supply Corp., the PhP4.8M project started in August 2015 and was completed in December 2015. This hanging bridge has a total length of 110 linear meters.

The newly completed bridge benefited the residents of Sitio Panigan, Sitio Sumpitan and other neighbouring Sitios of Barangay Tawan-Tawan. Farming isthe primary source of income of the people.

Prior to its construction, farmers used to cross the river by foot in going to and from their respective lands to transport their produce to the Sitio Proper. Crossing the river has always been a haggle and life-threatening for them. “Kung kaulanon na, magdali-dali na mi ug baba sa bukid, magdinaganay na mi ug tabok sa sapa kay kung mukusog na ang tubig sa sapa, dili na makaya ug tabok tungod sa kusog nga agos sa tubig sa Panigan River”, said Dario Bulasito, one of the residents.

Not even a bamboo raft could do the job because of the strong current. Because of this, the farmers had to always observe the hostile weather, thus, the presence of this hanging bridge indeed poses great economic impact to the lives of the residents and the farmers.

Asked about his thoughts on the said project, DCIIDEO District Engineer Gene P. Lozano said that “This project truly shows the commitment of DPWH in delivering quality infrastructure projects that are responsive to the needs of the people.”



  The Construction of Farm to Market Road at Brgy.Sumimao, Paquibato District to Sitio Kalkal, Inayangan, Calinan District, Davao City is nearing completion.

The Sumimao Farm-to-Market Road, traverses farmlands with high value crops ranging from vegetables, bananas, coffee, cacao, mangoes and various root crops --- the primary sources of live-lihood in the area.

This road shortens the route from Calinan to Malabog by about 8 Kilometers. Though the project still awaits completion, vehicles prefer to pass through this route because of the significant reduction in time and distance. It is expected that when this project is completed, most of the vehicles going to Malabog area will be passing through this route. This project will indeed benefit the farmers by easing accessibility and reducing transport cost.

This 2-Km, PhP35M, Farm-to- Market Road project undertaken by the Davao City District Engineering Office is expected to be completed soon.



  DPWH Region XI made history anew, underscoring its institutional framework and financial management capabilities for 2015. In one of his interviews with the local media, Regional Director Alquiza expressed his satisfaction on the agency’s accomplishments, which can also be attributed to the Region’s high absorptive capacity and efficient budget management.

Absorptive Capacity (AC) is measured by the ability to obligate the allotments received from the DPWH - Central Office and Department of Budget and Management (DBM). This indicates how effective and efficient an agency is in terms of managing financial resources.

Supported by its year-end accomplishment records, the Overall Absorptive Capacity (All Funds) of Region XI as of December 31, 2015 is 90.76%. This is determined by dividing the Total Obligation Incurred amounting to Php 20,010,058,820.90 by the Total Net Allotment amounting to Php 22,047,789,213.40. This indicates that there is an increase of 1.76% from 89% in CY 2014.

The District Engineering Offices and Regional Office can be ranked in terms of AC as follows:

1.Davao City 2nd at 94.29%

2.Davao del Sur 1st at 93.69%

3.Compostela Valley at 93.32%

4.Regional Office at 93%

5.Davao Oriental 2nd at 92.14%

6.Davao Oriental 1st at 90.06%

7.Davao City 1st at 89.69%

8.Davao del Norte at 82.53%

9.Davao del Sur 2ndat 79.84% The data also refers to the number of projects and programs implemented and the extent or amount of available resources used by the agency.

For 2015, the Regional Office also enjoys a good Budget Utilization Rate (BUR). BUR is the capacity of an office to actually disburse all transactions that was obligated in terms of actual payments to internal and external creditors.

The overall Budget Utilization Rate (All Funds) as of December 31, 2015 is 54.22%. This is determined by dividing the Total Disbursement amounting to Php 10,849,219,438.01 by the Total Obligation Incurred amounting to Php 20,010,058,820.90. The District Engineering Offices and Regional Office can be ranked in terms of BUR as follows:

1.Davao Oriental 2nd at 82.42%

2.Davao Oriental 1st at 75.06%

3.Compostela Valley at 70.59%

4.Davao del Sur 1st at 65.90%

5.Davao del Norte at 56.86%

6.Davao City 1st at 54.79%

7.Davao del Sur 2ndat 52.76%

8.Davao City 2nd at 45.53%

9.Regional Office at 45.44% Alquiza said these efforts and recognition can be thought of as a remarkable achievement for the agency as it does not only reflect our capabilities to effectively implement our projects and maximize our resources, but also in further attaining the stakeholders’ trust.

Given that the DPWH is a government and public-serving agency and one of the major recipients of government funds, makes this truly a noteworthy accomplishment for the Region and the Agency.



  DPWH-Davao Oriental 2nd District Engineering Office continues to show exemplary performance as the district office again topped the 2015 MAG-OKS Program (Magandang Opisina, Kalsada, at Sistema), this time bagging two much-coveted awards: 1st Place for Magandang Kalsada and 1st Place for Magandang Sistema.

No less than District Engineer Cynthia Grace C. Tiu received the Awards together with Assistant District Engineer Nicomedes D. Parilla and the Section Chiefs of the District.

The Engr. Tiu led District has been a consistent performer in DPWH XI and has already earned the respect and admiration of the people and officials of the province for its prompt delivery of public service.

Proof to the consistent performance of the Davao Oriental 2nd DEO in Project Implementation and Infra activities was its being hailed as the Best District Engineering Office in 2011 and last year as the winner of Magandang Kalsada and Tiu as the 2012 District Engineer of the year.

Engr. Tiu extended her profound thanks and credited all the accomplishments to the staff and employees for their strong cooperation and untiring support. “It is an honor for me to be part of a well-disciplined and hardworking organization,” said Engr. Tiu.

Being the top performer, Davao Oriental 2nd District Engineering Office is determined to construct more infra projects that will enhance the delivery of government services and will contribute to the improvement of the over-all socio-economic condition of the people.



  What was once a rough, unpaved road in the interiors of Baganga is now making a difference in uplifting the lives of the residents in the area. The recently completed NHJ-Barangay San Isidro Farm to Market Road, is a project of the Davao Oriental 1st DEO that traverses the Barangays of San Isidro, Campawan and Mikit.

For communities thriving on agriculture, residents in these Barangays are now transporting their product to the market with ease without compromising the quality of their produce According to a resident, the said road prior to its concreting not only resulted to a slow pace in development, but also sowed fear among the travelling public. “Sang-awon kay mahadlok kami moagi kay basin madisgrasya kami tungod sang karaat ng kalsada, lubak-lubak pa gayod,” (Before we were afraid to travel because the road was accident-prone), said Reynaldo Guiwan, a long-time resident in the area.

The PhP 9.4M project was funded by the Department of Agriculture and was undertaken by R. Semilla Construction and Marketing. Construction began in April 2015 and was completed on July 27 of the same year.

The concrete road serves as the only link of the three Barangays to the town proper where goods and agricultural products are being sold. It has paved the way to the development and progress of the three Barangays by strengthening the commerce and trade in the area. It also provides better access for people wanting to visit the Curtain Falls in Barangay Campawan thereby strengthening the local tourism industry. Surely, when towns and communities are connected and being provided a safer and more convenient way of transportation, it also creates more opportunities and serves as a bridge towards progress.



  With a rating of 89.27%, garnering the highest score among the 8 district offices of DPWH XI, Davao del Sur 1st District Engineering Office was adjudged as the “2015 Outstanding District Engineering Office of Region XI” for its sterling accomplishments, effective and efficient delivery of public service vis-a-vis the Department’s Mission, Vision and Core Values, and the realization of core process of Planning, Construction, Maintenance and Quality Control.

The award was received by D.E. Zenaida T. Tan during the 2015 Recognition Rites and Christmas Party of DPWH RO XI held in Davao City on December 18, 2015.

It was the first time for DVS1 to receive the award. Also, a considerable record-breaking feat for the district in 2015 was being ranked 11th for the category of Top Performing District Engineering Offices in the Philippines besting other 180 District Engineering Offices nationwide. In 2014, the office was also conferred with the Best Sistema Award and 2nd in the Best Kalsada Award of the R.O XI “Mag-OKS Tayo” Program.

D.E Zenaida T. Tan’s exemplary leadership and continuous demonstration of competency and capacity in uplifting the performance of the district have steered the office for greater accomplishments and ultimately achieving the awards.

Tan is the only lady District Engineer ever appointed in Davao del Sur 1st DEO and has already earned numerous awards for the district during her leadership.



  Among the major projects of Davao del Sur 1st DEO for CY 2015 is the widening of the Digos-Makar road, a major carriage way in the southern part of Mindanao.

Situated in the city of Digos, the road serves the people of the Davao del Sur and the Socsksargen area. Due to some portions that needed to be repaired and the significant increase in vehicular and pedestrian traffic, the District Office decided to repair some portions and widen the said road.

According to DE Zenaida Tan, the construction of the 1.6 Km, PhP50M road widening project, under contract with Maverick Builders started in the last part of February 2015 and went without a hitch resulting to its on-time completion in November of the same year. She extends her gratitude to her ever competent team of Engineers and to the people of Digos for granting them their full cooperation on the said project.



  The Department of Public Works and Highways Region XI ended CY 2015 with 607 accomplished infra projects. The impressive accomplishments so far have been realized under the leadership of Regional Director Mariano R. Alquiza.

RD Alquiza, said that a major fraction of the total budget for 2015 was for the construction and improvement of national roads. Having successfully gained the ISO recognition and certification, RO XI is thus far considered one of the Department’s top performing Regional Offices.

Despite obstructions and varying issues arising from construction, still many of the infrastructure projects proceeded and were completed, which make up the impressive 84.52 % overall accomplishment rating as of December 31, 2015. The agency was allotted P14.350 Billion to fund 772 projects under the DPWH Regular Infrastructure Program.

The Regional Director also expressed his hopes and plans for the forthcoming year. “We are hoping that through our continuous efforts and commitment, the gains we will have by the end of 2015 will translate into greater determination and achievements in 2016,” he said. The Region is looking forward to an increase in its total budget worth over P18 Billion. This significant budget raise, which is by far the biggest in the country, was due to the many priorities set for 2016. These will include road widening and improvement of drainage systems, among others. Around 372 projects are expected to be funded and implemented.

According to Alquiza, the dramatic increase in its allocation is the result of the confidence of the National Government and the Department headed by Sec. Rogelio L. Singson. They are convinced that the Region can deliver its tasks without compromising the quality of its projects.

Furthermore, the change in the budget is determined by the Absorptive Capacity of the Office which refers to the ability of an agency to maximize the use of available financial resources. Alquiza reported that its absorptive capacity is high and good (93% as of December 31, 2015-ed), therefore, putting it in a much better position to receive a higher budget compared to other Regional Offices in 2016.

In a closing statement before the Davao media, Alquiza expressed his appreciation for the trust, support and confidence of the local and national leaders and the public in its continuous mission to serve the people through safe and quality infrastructure.



  Aiming to step up in the field of Education, the Municipality of Malalag established Albatera Elementary School and became the very first school in the District with one of its buildings donated by a private company. Due to the increase in student population every school year, the school experienced classroom shortage. To address this, some classes were taught whether at the school stage or in the open field. The DPWH Davao del Sur 2nd District Engineering Office upon seeing the problem, awarded a 1-storey 1-classroom DepEd School Building to the Albatera School Administration. Little might be the contribution, it definitely made a difference by providing a much more conducive learning atmosphere for both teachers and pupils.

Similar projects were also replicated by DPWH where they handed down two schools in Sulop: 1-storey 1-classroom Building for Labon Elementary School and 1-storey 3-classroom Building for Buguis Elementary School. This manifests the undying support of DPWH Davao del Sur 2nd DEO under DE Noe V. Placer to raise the standards of education for the children in its district.
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