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  INTERNATIONAL COASTAL CLEAN-UP DAY CELEBRATION IN MIMAROPA In line with the policy directive of DPWH Honorable Secretary Hermogenes E. Ebdane, Jr. and in support to the program of President Gloria M. Arroyo for declaring the month of September as “International Coastal Clean-up Day” in pursuant to Presidential Proclamation No. 470, DPWH Region IV-B Director Alfredo G. Tolentino instructed all District Engineers and employees to joined the campaign against debris along seashores. Through the concerted efforts of the District Offices and with the participation of the DENR employees including volunteers, maintenance crews, dump trucks, service pick-ups were deployed and mobilized to pick up garbage/debris in coastal areas. Non-biodegradable garbage were collected and pilled-up along the shoreline. On the other hand, Director Tolentino has also a regular schedule in “Cleaning and Greening Program” in the Regional Office in view of a sustainable clean-up drive project covering the premises of their respective offices, and all over the compound. Tolentino expressed confidence that cleanliness of surroundings and of environment is a must in our day to day activities so as to protect the Mother Nature.  



  REPORTS ON PALAWAN 3RD DISTRICT PROJECTS A .Completed and On-going Projects The completed construction project as of September 30, 2005 of the Palawan 3rd District Engineering Office include the following: road rehabilitation, road concreting, flood control and drainage, multi-purpose buildings, school buildings and water supply. The CY-2004 School Building Program were already 100% completed, composed of seven (7) projects with a total amount of P7,874,000.00. The CY-2004 Lower House Projects (formerly referred to as VIILP) amounting to P17,650,000.00 have an 83.47% accomplishment, with 23 out of 29 projects completed. As of this report, we fonly have five (5) on-going projects, are as follows: the completion of MPB’s at Poblacion, Puerto Princesa City (PSU), Brgys. Bahile, Buenvista, Salvacion, and Sta. Lourdes. The contract for the construction of one (1) MPB at Brgy. Seaside was terminated due to site problem. The CY-2004 P6,000,000.00 Party List Projects under SARO # ROIV-B-04-0042 dated March 17 2005 have a 94.50% accomplishment with one (1) project amounting to P5,000,000.00 implemented by administration already completed and three (3) projects, with a total amount of P1,000,000.00 namely; the construction of MPB at Brgys. Salvacion, Inagawan-Sub, and Maoyon, on-going. The Repair/Rehabilitation of Napsan-Apurawan Road at Brgy.Napsan, Puerto Princesa City under CY-2004 Lower House Projects is considered as a significant completed road rehabilitation project. It is an arterial road connecting the rural areas to the urban center. The project provides more efficient transport of products coming and going to the area. The project was completed as of September 1, 2005. Among the completed multi-purpose building projects also under the CY-2004, Lower House Projects, the completion of MPB at Mendoza Park, Phase III is the one with highest impact. The project is the completion of the roof cover for the sunken amphi-theater of the park, located at the heart of the city and the venue for series of revelries and shows, particularly the celebration starting from the last week of November, in preparation for the city fiesta, up to the Christmas season. The completion of the project as of October 1, 2005. is very timely for the oncoming festivies. B. CY 2005- Construction Projects For CY-2005 School Building Program, we have only one (1) project the Construction of Puerto Princesa Pilot Elementary School Phase 2, (2-storey building). However, no SARO has bee received yet. For CY 2005 Lower House Projects, seventeen (17) projects are already scheduled for implementation. Notices to proceed were already issued to the winning bidders. A. Completed Projects There were only four (4) completed maintenance projects implemented by contracts for CY-2005 as of this report, with a total amount of P1,671,000.00, and they are as follows: Repair of Roadside Structure, along PPSR, Repair of Marupso Bridge, Abut, “A”, Repair of Irawan Bridge, Abut “A” Slope Protections are preventive maintenance projects in nature. This is to protect the continuous gradual damages on the substructures of the bridges mainly caused by the strong current of river flow especially during the rainy season, which if not contained may result to more severe problems in the future. B. On- B. On-going projects The routine maintenance activities of this district are still continuous, but the routine works varies depending on the weather condition to the following; repair of damaged asphalt pavements, resealing, cold-mix patching of potholes, vegetation control, temporary patching of potholes, ditch cleaning and other maintenance works. The main workforce of the maintenance section is composed of MVUC funded laborers. The limited number of infrastructure projects and limited maintenance funds being released is reflective of the economic difficulty that our country is experiencing today, but the government through the Department of Public Works and Highways and all its regional and district offices will continue to deliver the service to the people. As the President says, “SERBISYO MUNA.”  



  DPWH LAUNCHED “LAKBAY ALALAY” PROGRAM IN OBSERVANCE OF ALL SAINTS’ DAY The DPWH launched the “Lakbay Alalay” program to assist the traveling public by ensuring that all national road sections leading to all cemeteries, both private and public are well maintained and free from any kind of obstructions. DPWH-Palawan 3rd Engineering District headed by District Engineer Engr. Danilo Alagao led the composite teams activated for the occasion. Assisted by Asst. DE Rommel P. Aguirre, as early as six o’ clock a.m. of October 31, 2005, the duo gave additional and final instructions to designated anchor personnel and team leaders assigned on different locations particularly at the Puerto Princesa North Road leading to Puerto Princesa Memorial Park at Brgy. San Jose and the other group stationed at Puerto Princesa Road heading towards Brgy. Sicsican Public Cemetery, to make certain that everything is intake, in order and very well prepared. The build-up of people and vehicles started on Tuesday, November 1. The district composite teams assisted the public in coordination with the other government agencies present on the areas. The problems encountered during the event were of course, the traffic, the vendors, and the occasional troublemakers but no major problems come across during the entire celebration in the City of Puerto Princesa. The team’s effort and with the other agencies’ assistance, assured the public of the smooth and peaceful celebration of All Saints’ Day. Members of the media from different local radio stations conducted interviews to assigned district personnel regarding the “Lakbay Alalay” program of the DPWH. The respective teams abandoned their posts at past midnight of November 2, when there were no longer people in the cemeteries. On the morning of November 3, monitoring personnel reported that everything went back to normal again on their particular areas; final instructions were issued and they evacuated their assigned locations and returned to the district office. The “Lakbay Alalay” program of the government is a strategy that demonstrated to all of us the guiding principle that prevention is better that the application of a cure. Helping one another in preparing to deal with the expected troubles that might arise in every situation reduces the risks that we might have to confront, as the saying goes “KAPAG SAMA-SAMA, KAYANG-KAYA”.  



  NARRATIVE REPORT ON HIGH IMPACT PROJECTS To provide safer and more convenient travel the DPWH-Southern Mindoro District Engineering Office has implemented various infrastructure projects with emphasis on the upgrading of temporary bridges to permanent ones. Among these are the Replacement of Wawan and Burabod Bridges and Approaches and the Completion of Cagancan Bridge, all within the municipality of Mansalay Oriental Mindoro. Improvements of these bridges meant strengthening of the structure thereby allowing greater volume and heavier vehicle to pass by. Further being the link to the southern part of the province going to Occidental Mindoro, transport of goods and other commodities from the southern municipalities to the center of the province as well to the other provinces through the Strong Republic Nautical Highway and vice versa, was made easier. Thus, boosting economic stability in the locality and to the nearby areas. Flattering words and comments from the residents of the area where the projects are located could be heard expressing therewith their much appreciation for the realization of these projects which according to them was long awaited. With these, the Southern Mindoro District Engineering Office shall continue on providing quality infrastructure projects to the constituents of the Second Congressional District of Oriental Mindoro, carrying its mission, “ to efficiently provide, maintain and manage quality infrastructure projects.”  



  On September 16, 2005, Hon. Cong Baham Mitra, 2nd District of Palawan, turned over the newly completed Elementary School Building with a floor dimension of 7m x 9m classroom and a Comfort Room measured 3m x 2.5m floor area to the Narra Pilot School, (Annex), Upper Lapu-Lapu, Poblacion. The project was funded thru the initiative of Cong Baham Mitra with a total allocation of P500,000 under the CY 2004 VIILP. The newly completed building will be used by fifty (50) elementary students under (grade) I and II. Prior to the completion of this building, students and teachers patiently used the temporary building made of indigenous materials already in a state of dilapidation or collapse. The parents expressed gratitude to Hon. Cong Baham Mitra as well as to President GMA for giving priority to the less privileged community of upper Lapu-Lapu in Poblacion Narra. The PTCA President quoted as saying “Iingatan naming ang Proyektong ito, dahil ito ay regalo ni Cong. Baham at PGMA. Hon. Mayor Lucena Demaala was also present during the occasion together with the Brgy. Captain, PTCA, Parents, Teachers and Students of Upper Lapu-Lapu Elementary School.  



  March 2006 is a significant day for the residents of Barangay Puring at Bataraza, Palawan who were seen with authentic gladness after the construction of their very own multi-purpose building has finally completed. This 5 x 6 meter building will serve as functional venue for the community's gatherings and other occasions which would be of very helpful assistant to the people who used to hold their activities just anywhere that can at least shield them from heat and rain. This infrastructure is established for the sake of about 1,500 generally Muslim natives living on this barangay within the National Highway of the last municipality in mainland of Southern past of the province. Another project that emphasizes the affirmation that Congressman Baham B. Mitra with the support of Secretary Hermogenes E. Ebdane, Jr. under the administration of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo are committed to serve the people even at the tip of the country. Barangay Puring Multi-Purpose Building was completed through the PDAFF of Congressman Baham B. Mitra with an appropriation cost of P220,000.00. Residents of barangay and of other nearby sitios are presently enjoying their privilege of having this assistance through the effort of our leaders who always aim of of providing the people with efficient programs and projects. Pictures taken during the visit of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo in Oriental Mindoro. With the President are Governor Arman C. Panaligan, Congressman Rodolfo G. Valencia and City Mayor Carlos B. Brucal  



  This farm to market road was inaugurated last April 3, 2006 that opens the gateway of a more accessible and comfortable travel for passers and every residents of Barangay Pangobilian in the Municipality of Brookes Point, Palawan. The construction of Pangobilian Farm to Market Road is initiated through PDAF of Palawan 2nd District Congressman Baham B. Mitra under the Proyekto ni Pangulong Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. This 778 lineal meter road construction is a noteworthy assistant to the residents of this barangay as well as passengers who travel along this way. The project will apparently speed up the production and communication in this barangay which is also consider as one of the hubs of commerce and industry in the locality. About 1 kilometer away from Poblacion area, the construction of this road was implemented by the DPWH-Palawan Second Engineering District with approximate cost of P700,000.00. This project is hoped to bring advantage to all the residents who are very much gratified for this project.  

Her Excellency President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo leads the ribbon-cutting ceremony during the inauguration of Palawan North Road


  Her Excellency President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo leads the ribbon-cutting ceremony during the inauguration of Palawan North Road as assisted by Congressman Baham B. Mitra and Governor Joel T. Reyes. The momentous event was also graced by DPWH Secretary Hermogenes E. Ebdane, Jr. and Tourism Secretary Joseph Ace H. Durano. The unveiling of significant edifice which marks the tangible asset for Palaweños under "Proyekto ni Pangulong Gloria Macapagal Arroyo" which the President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo personally inaugurates with Secretary Hermogenes E. Ebdane, Jr., Congressman Baham B. Mitra, Palawan Governor Joel T. Reyes, and Puerto Princesa City Mayor Edward S. Hagedorn on March 31, 2006 along Puerto Princesa City National Highway. Palawan 2nd District Congressman Baham B. Mitra escorts President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo while he discusses the indispensable benefit of the said project to the Palaweños before the President's inaugural address. DPWH Palawan Second District Engineer Ramon P. Camacho Jr. show the project site of proposed concreting of Palawan South Road to Congressman Baham B. Mitra and DPWH Region 4-B Director Alfredo G. Tolentino.  
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