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  Director Reynaldo S. Tamayo of the Department of Public Works and Highways Region 02 administered the oath-taking ceremonies of the newly promoted and appointed employees of DPWH Regional Office 2 to assumed their new role and responsibilities in the Department . The event was held at the Office of the Regional Director, DPWH-R02, Tuguegarao City, Cagayan last October 29, 2012. Assistant Regional Director Melanio C. Briosos and the Division Chiefs joined the ceremonies as they extended their greetings and welcomed the 34 newly promoted and appointed employees. Among the 34 oath-takers, 18 are promoted and 16 are newly appointed. Administrative Division Chief Dr. Angela B. Abiqui assisted in the formal procedure and introduced the appointees to RD Tamayo. The oath-takers from the Office of the Regional Director, Administrative Division, Materials Quality Control and Hydrology Division, Planning and Design Division, Financial and Management Division, Maintenance Division and Equipment Management Division took turns in taking their oath of office respectively. Director Tamayo reminded the group to be dedicated of their responsibilities and accountabilities and to always bear in mind their duties as public servants. “Lagi niyong tatandaan na isa-puso at isa-isip ang paglilingkod at serbisyo sa publiko...” he said.  



  The Isabela First District Engineering Office has completed their Road Upgrading Projects under CY 2012 projects. In a report to Director Reynaldo S. Tamayo, District Engineer Reynato P. Ubiña identified following completed projects in his area of responsibility: 1.Ilagan-Delfin Albano-Mallig Road, K0419+234.26 – K0419+432.93, K0419+432.93 – K0406+725.15 (Gravel to Paved) 2.Ilagan-Delfin Albano-Mallig Road, K0401+211.90 – K0401+842.93, K0405+505 – K0420+336.30 (Gravel to Paved) 3.Daang Maharlika (LZ), K0398+521 – K0398+614.40, K0400+012 - K0401+853.25, K0407+000 – K0407+526.48 (Gravel to Paved) 4.Ilagan-Delfin Albano-Mallig Road, K0433+644 – K0433+804 (Gravel to Paved) 5.Calamagui-Ilagan Road, K0399+479 – K0399+756.32 Concrete Reblocking 6.Daang Maharlika (LZ), K0435+000 – K0436+818.43, K0437+558 - K0437+798.94, K0439+000 – K0439+289.970, K0439+352 – K0440+289.700 Asphalt Overlay (30mm thick) 7.Daang Maharlika (LZ), K0394+000 – K0394+000, K0394+373 - K0402+000, K0402+700 – K0409+000 +852.32 Asphalt Overlay (30mm thick) The Road Upgrading project consists of concrete paving of gravel roads, reblocking, and asphalt overlay. The completion of these projects will ease traffic and provide safe and comfortable travel for the commuters. It will further facilitate transport of farm produce to the centers of trade and commerce. “We have implemented quality projects efficiently in accordance with the timeline set by Director Reynaldo S. Tamayo.” DE Ubiña declared.  



  The Isabela Third District Engineering Office under the stewardship of OIC-District Engineer Danilo B. Racimo makes it again as a top performer in terms of road rehabilitation accomplishment. In a report submitted, The DEO has completed all its road rehabilitation projects funded under the DPWH Basic Infrastructure Program FY 2012. “We have to move fast in order to beat the rainy season and to meet the deadline given by higher authorities. It is of great import to implement projects in accordance with the approved plans and specifications and within the time schedule as directed by Honorable Secretary Rogelio L. Singson.” Engineer Racimo stressed. Completed major projects by the Isabela 3rd District Engineering Office are the following: Along Santiago-Tuguegarao Road 1.1 Asphalt Overlay w/ Reblocking K0342+(-038) – K0343+683 & K0350+000 – K0351+448.6 Length 1.807 km 1.2 Reblocking K0346+000 – K0350+000 with exceptions Length 0.090 km 1.3 Asphalt Overlay K0361+000 – K0362+287 Length 0.903 km Along Daang Maharlika 2.1 Asphalt Overlay w/ Reblocking K0352+455.40 – K0354+099.40 & K0361+640 – K0361+690 Length 1.580 km 2.2 Asphalt Overlay w/ Reblocking K0367+100 – K0370+104 & K0370+104 – K0370+154 & K0370+154 – K0370+294 Length 1.720 km Along Cauayan-Cabatuan Road 3.1 Asphalt Overlay K0380+ (-103) – K0380+329 Length 0.432 km According to Director Tamayo, the road projects, which involved a total project costs of Php79,657,000.00 will accelerate trade and commerce and will bring about socio-economic development in the areas where these projects are located. The construction of Rainwater Collectors in 3 School Campuses at Cauayan City is on-going while the Repair/Rehabilitation of Macalaoat Bridge along Santiago-Tuguegarao Road at Cabatuan, Isabela is nearing completion, Racimo added. It is worthy to mention that the Isabela Third District Engineering Office was awarded a plaque of recognition for being the top performing District Engineering Office in region 02 for CY 2012.  



  The Department of Public Works and Highways, Regional Office has reported the completion of the Regional Government Center Road Network Phase II in Carig, Tuguegarao City. The project involves the concreting of 1.485 km road, including construction of drainage, curb and gutter and sidewalk along the mainline. The road project with a contract amount of P30 Million was completed. The Regional Government Center is considered as the management hub of national government offices making it as the center point of public service in the region. According Director Reynaldo S. Tamayo, the completed RGC road network, phase II will facilitate coordination and linkages among all national government agencies including the Provincial Government of Cagayan and City Government of Tuguegarao, and fast track the delivery of services to the people. “The newly constructed project will provide the public easy access to the national and local government agencies.” Director Tamayo added.  



  The Department of Public Works and Highways Region 02 received two (2) new major releases intended for road projects worth P150m and 100m under the DPWH-DOT Convergence Program for FY 2012. Under this program, the DPWH in a joint undertaking with the Department of Tourism shall implement road projects leading to tourist destination areas. The DPWH-DOT Convergence Program came into being with the enactment of Republic Act No. 9593 otherwise known as Tourism Act of 1999. The program seeks to rationalize, prioritize and identify the infrastructure projects that will support tourism activities in the country. The government has come up with these significant road projects to boost the tourism industry. The P150M allocation which is intended for the Widening/Improvement of Dugo-San Vicente Road in the municipalities of Gonzaga, Sta. Teresita and Sta. Ana, Cagayan involves the widening of a 12.0 kilometer road, with exception. The project will be implemented by Cagayan First District Engineering Office. This project when completed is expected to enhance the interplay of tourism and socio-economic activities in the locality. Director Reynaldo S. Tamayo emphasized that this road development project along Gonzaga, Sta. Teresita and Sta. Ana, Cagayan will further spur eco-tourism development in the northern part of the region, as the road project provides easy accessibility to the pristine beaches, marine sanctuaries, colonial structures, business and trade destinations. On the other hand, the P100M release is originally programmed for the Widening/Improvement of Peñablanca-Callao Cave Road. The scope of the project involves the widening of 8 kilometer road, with exception and upgrading of 160 lineal meter road, from gravel to asphalt. The famous Callao Caves is considered as one of the major tourist attractions in the country and the needed development of the road network leading to the tourist spot will accelerate development activities in the province and nearby areas. “These timely Infrastructure Projects under the DPWH-DOT Convergence Program will surely result in the influx of tourists and investment opportunities thus generating employment and financial growth in the region” Director Tamayo added.  



  The Department of Public Works and Highways Region 02 headed by OIC-Regional Director Reynaldo S. Tamayo led the opening of the Magapit Suspension Bridge in Lallo, Cagayan to vehicular traffic last August 23, 2012. Director Tamayo was gratified that the project was finished ahead of schedule and that traffic management and ferry operations were smoothly conducted for the safety of the travelling public. “I was so relieved that the project was completed earlier than expected and that no one was hurt during ferry operations. Director Tamayo thanked Governor Alvaro Antonio, Philippine Coast Guard, Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG), Philippine National Police (PNP), Traffic Management Group (TMG), Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA), Barangay officials and the Local Government Unit of Lallo for extending assistance during the implementation of the project. Board Member Olive Pascual plans to conduct a formal program to thank every agency, officials and individuals who were instrumental and supportive during the closure of the bridge while undergoing rehabilitation works. Director Tamayo said that the bridge has adopted new technologies such as stone mastic asphalt and carbon fiber to strengthen the bridge structure that can last another 34 years. Last June, Director Tamayo made a commitment of prioritizing the safety, comfort and convenience of the citizens and assured the public that he will personally monitor the project and fast track its completion. The opening of the bridge will restore the connectivity for business and social activities between and among Regions I, II and CAR. Closed to traffic last June 11, 2012, DPWH took 72 days for the retrofitting/rehabilitation activities such as removal and replacement of two pony trusses, retrofitting of steel tower and stiffening trusses of suspension span and replacement of rusted rivets, asphalt overlay of concrete decking using Stone Mastic Asphalt (SMA), and Sandblasting and epoxy painting of all bridge steel parts. The DPWH will also paint the bridge structure and install lightings to further perk up the appearance and conduciveness of the Magapit Suspension Bridge.  



  Last June 11, 2012 the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) Region 2 officially close the Magapit Suspension Bridge in Lallo, Cagayan to all types of vehicles until completion of the rehabilitation/retrofitting works on the structure. After the press conference, final briefing and coordination meeting with the LGU Lallo officials, at exactly 1:00 pm. Director Tamayo formally announced the total closure of the Magapit Bridge. The DPWH coordinated with the Philippine Coast Guard, Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG), Philippine National Police (PNP), Traffic Management Group (TMG), Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA), Barangay officials and the Local Government Unit of Lallo to assist in the traffic management and ferry operations to ensure safety of the travelling public. The operations were closely observed by Director Reynaldo S. Tamayo, Assistant Regional Director Melanio C. Briosos and Construction Division Chief Jose B. Tobias. Members of the local and national media were able to personally test the ferry ride that took only 3 minutes from docking facility A to B. The owners of the vehicles have high praises for the safe and successful passage. A businessman told the reporters that travel time across the river was faster than what he expected, “Mabilis, swabe at stable naman” he said. A local resident boarding the barge told the reporters “napintas met ngem mas nasaysaya-at nu alisto nga malpas atoy nga project.” The DPWH provided a ferry boat and two (2) barges (with 18 tons capacity each) to transport people and vehicles across the river for free and built a temporary road network with docking facilities, waiting sheds, comfort rooms and lightings on both sides adjacent to the bridge. Life jackets were provided for passengers to strictly were before boarding the ferry boats as prescribed by the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA). “The safety and convenience of the citizens will be the first priority among others; I’m assuring the public that I will personally monitor this project to fast track its completion” Director Tamayo said. Fifteen (15) days prior to the official closure the DPWH has conducted a massive information dissemination campaign thru print, broadcast and television media in the region and nearby areas for the information and guidance of the travelling public and other parties. Proper coordination with other government agencies, local government units including the business and transport sectors is in place so as not to disrupt delivery of public services and the interplay of business activities in the affected areas including the neighboring provinces in the Cordillera Administrative Region and Ilocos Region. Director Tamayo solicited the patience and understanding of the public as the operation is still in the early phase of operator and traffic management enforcers are giving their best to figure out the most efficient and effective way of providing comfort in their travel. He also instructed DPWH project engineers and the Contractor to work round-the-clock to speed up completion of the bridge project. Built in the 1970s, Magapit Bridge is considered as the first suspension bridge in Southeast Asia and is one of the major tourist attractions in Cagayan Valley.  

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