Yes to a New Government Accounting System

Friday, January 22, 2016

The whole Accounting and Budget officers of the Department of Public Works and Highways Region 10 (DPWH-X) headed the Update Meeting on the Implementation of eNGAS / eBudget Version 2.0 last October 19-24, 2015 at the new DPWH-X Conference Room.

The word eNGAS stands for ELECTRONIC NEW GOVERNMENT ACCOUNTING SYSTEM, the main objectives of this 4 days meeting and seminar on eNGAS / eBudget Version 2.0 is to mold the Government Accounting Officers in improving the data quality in the interim system to prepare the data for migration and develop the methods for conversion of the data to the new version of the Financial Management System.

The implementation of the new version provides the opportunity to make data quality improvements in the system. It includes, The Pre-Implementation is focused on improving data quality with all activities, the eNGAS and eBudget are dependent on the data in the system, the responsibility of data quality is with each respective Regional Office.

To sum it up, the Implementation of eNGAS / eBudget Version 2.0 is not just to have the government accounting offices a new accounting systems but, overall, this also deals to generate real-time, reliable, accurate financial info and reports for policy decision making, Improve cash management for operational efficiency, Harmonize and consolidate data structures and apply consistent set of budget and accounting rules for reporting, Improve management of government’s contingent liabilities and financial exposure, Enhance government accounting & auditing systems & standards & strengthen external and participatory audit capacity and Professionalize the PFM (Public Financial Management) workforce and build stakeholder (Congress and civil society) support for reforms.