DPWH Road Works in Full Blast After Mayor Stoppage

Friday, July 4, 2014

DPWH had resumed two of its construction projects in Cabanatuan after settling issues with the City Government here.

The implementation of the construction of the P11.2-million Cabanatuan City-Papaya Road (CCPR) and the P35.5-million rehabilitation of the damaged portion of the Nueva Ecija-Aurora Road (NEAR) were set to full blast after it had been stopped by Mayor Julius Cesar Vergara early this June.

Mayor Vergara alleged DPWH’s lack of coordination with the local authorities causing inconvenience to the public.

On the other hand, DPWH District Engineer Ulysses Llado refuted the allegations and presented all the said requirements defined under a city ordinance cited by the Mayor including the detailed plans, specifications and programs of work.

The District Office likewise directed the contractors of both projects to institute construction safety and health program, including close coordination with the traffic Management Group (TMG) to pre-empt public disturbance during the construction process.

“The DEO has been closely coordinating with the city government, its city engineer and the local contractors right from the start to ensure the smooth implementation of the project,” said Llado.

“The DEO will continue its coordination with the city engineer’s office with the assistance and information needed during the project implementation. This will speed up the progress of the project and prevent any traffic inconvenience to local commuters,” Molano disclosed.

The city road is set to be completed within 50 calendar days from the start of construction while the interprovincial road has 175 more days for completion.