Batanes quake damage to infra reasched P292-M

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Damage cost to infrastructure of the recent earthquakes in the archipelagic province of Batanes has already reached P292.85 million.

As of latest damage assessment of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) which was conducted from July 29 to 30, 2019, the estimated P292 million covers the damage of 978 residential, public building, roads, and slope protection structures in Barangays Sta. Lucia, San Rafael, Sta. Rosa, Sta. Maria, and Raele of Itbayat town.

Based on the report, damage cost to infrastructure is highest in Barangay San Rafael with an estimated P103.36 million for the 269 totally and partially-damaged structures. This is composed of damage to 258 residential structures costing P41.97 million; 11 public buildings costing P57.88 million; 523.35 square meters of local roads costing P2.09 million; and five (5) meters of slope protection costing P1.42 million.

A total of 195 structures in Barangay Sta. Maria also incurred damage costing roughly P81.94 million, covering damage to: 191 residential structures costing P32.70 million; four (4) public buildings costing P49.27 million.

Barangay Sta. Rosa on the other hand have 244 damaged residential structures costing P69.35 million and 20 meters of slope protection costing P1.26 million while Barangay Sta. Lucia with 164 damaged residential structures costing P19.95 million and two (2) public buildings costing P5.36 million.

Barangay Raele reported the damage of 104 affected structures costing P11.60 million. Of the 104, 102 were totally damaged and partially residential structures costing P3.75 million; two (2) public buildings costing P2.74 million; 214 meters of slope protection costing P3.31 million; and 337.5 square meters costing P1.81 million.