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The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) is tasked to undertake the planning, design, construction and maintenance of the Philippine infrastructure systems and facilities, in particular national highways and bridges, major flood control and water resources development system. Its main thrust is to provide and manage quality infrastructure facilities and services that are responsive to the needs of the Filipino people in the pursuit of national development objectives.

As a way of adhering to its mandate and responding to the needs of all its stakeholders, the Department has been providing a manuscript which serves as a guide to data users for the formulation of plans and programs for researchers both in the government and private sector.

This manuscript which we refer to as the DPWH Atlas, presents updated information on the current infrastructure progress and environment of the country. It is an invaluable reference that includes extensive data and illustrations to facilitate easier understanding and quick orientation for users. Information on roads and bridges are laid out in such a way as to provide users a clear idea on the infrastructure data being presented. Illustrations like maps, graphs, figures and tables were enhanced to easily identify and compare statistics.

The DPWH Atlas is updated every year to provide users the most recent information particularly on National Roads and Bridges. Road conditions, as well as bridge specifications are continuously being updated by the Department to cope with the current developments in the infrastructure sector.

The 2015 edition consists of two volumes categorized according to type of infrastructure. Volume I contains all relevant information on road infrastructure including road conversion, inventory and condition; while Volume II provides information relative to national bridges such as inventory and condition. It also contains modifications incorporating recent changes in the country’s geographical division through the integration of the Negros Island Region (NIR). The NIR is the 18th region of the Philippines composed of the provinces of Negros Occidental and Negros Oriental with the highly urbanized city of Bacolod in the island of Negros.  The region was created by virtue of Executive Order No. 183 issued by President Benigno Aquino III on May 29, 2015, joining the two Negros provinces into one region. It separated Negros Occidental from Region VI and Negros Oriental from Region VII.

DPWH has consistently been endeavoring to provide complete and accurate information on the road network including services and other related areas of concern. Every effort is being made to ensure that details that are provided in the atlas are complete and accurate. Rest assured that the Department shall continue to hold on to its commitment in providing services needed for the country to achieve its aspiration of achieving sustainable growth and development.













1.) Road data provided are as of  25 November 2015.

2.) The unit of measure for Road Data is kilometers.

3.) No Assessment refers to Road Sections that are either under construction and/or segments with length below the 50-meter gauging length.

4.) National Roads are classified into:

        Primary Roads - roads that connect cities of > 100,000 population.   

        Secondary Roads - other roads which complement with the national arterial roads to provide access to main population and production centers of the country.  

        Tertiary Roads - other existing roads under DPWH which perform a local function. (In the map, these roads are represented only by letters.)


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