Department  of Public Works and Highways
Newly Reclassified Local Roads into National Roads in 2015
Table 1.0
Item Section ID Road Name Length (km) District Region Declaration Date
Converted Validated
1  S03299LZ  Muntinlupa-Insular Prison Rd 3.586 3.486  Las Piņas-Muntilupa NCR D.O. 96 S 2015 19-Jun-15
2  S03507LZ  Marcos Alvarez rd 3.378 3.378  Las Piņas-Muntilupa NCR D.O.117 S 2015 27-Jul-15
3  S04314LZ  Mayapa-Calubang Cadre Rd 2.768 2.768  Laguna 2nd IV-A D.O.124 S 2015 3-Aug-15
4 S03550LZ  Nabua-Bato-Libon (Tandaay-Buluang, Bato) 14.23 Not Yet validated  Camarines 4th  V D.O.165 S 2015 30-Oct-15
5 S00060SM San Policarpio-Arteche-Lapnig Road 17.18 17.18 Northern Samar  2nd VIII D.O. 84 S 2015 8-Jun-15
6 S00187SM Rawis-Talisay Road  0.44 0.44 Northern Samar  2nd VIII D.O. 84 S 2015 8-Jun-15
7 S00632LZ Ayaga-Sta. Marcela-Flora-Lasam Road 11.07 Not Yet validated Cagayan 2nd II D.O. 188 S 2015 23-Dec-15
  Section ID Total Length (km) 52.652 27.252        




1.) Road data provided are as of  25 November 2015.

2.) The unit of measure for Road Data is kilometers.

3.) No Assessment refers to Road Sections that are either under construction and/or segments with length below the 50-meter gauging length.

4.) National Roads are classified into:

        Primary Roads - roads that connect cities of > 100,000 population.   

        Secondary Roads - other roads which complement with the national arterial roads to provide access to main population and production centers of the country.  

        Tertiary Roads - other existing roads under DPWH which perform a local function. (In the map, these roads are represented only by letters.)


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