DPWH warns public against “bogus” individuals or syndicates

This is to warn the general public NOT to entertain any individual soliciting favors or monetary considerations using the names of DPWH officials.

Reports have reached DPWH regarding unscrupulous individuals impersonating Senior Undersecretary Rafael C. Yabut through phone calls soliciting favors from DPWH officials and private individuals, particularly those doing business with DPWH.

It is also reported that there are unscrupulous individuals posing as staff of Undersecretary Yabut and, a certain GERRY RAMOS, posing as staff of Undersecretary Dimas Soguilon doing the same fraudulent acts.
DPWH offices are encouraged to post this WARNING in their respective Lobby Bulletin Boards.

In case you encounter similar fraudulent transactions, please notify the Stakeholders Relations Service directly through the following contact details: 304-3370 and Hotline (02) 165-02.