DPWH warns public anew against fraudulent calls soliciting money

DPWH has cautioned agency officials, employees, contractors, consultants and suppliers, and the general public that the Department is not engaged in any solicitation activity.


Reports have been reaching the DPWH Stakeholders Relations Service that calls are made to different Regional and District Offices namedropping and/or impersonating DPWH Senior Undersecretary Rafael C. Yabut and his staff seeking for contact information of contractors to solicit donations and monetary entitlements via deposit to an alleged foundation.


Please be advised that no individual or organization are authorized to use name/s of any DPWH official for a favor.


If you receive a call, we urge you not to befall in such illegal activities.


Should you have information as to these fraudulent activities, please notify us directly through the following contact details: (02) 304-3370 and Hotline (02) 165-02.


Solicitation involving public official and employees is prohibited by law and a corresponding action will be imposed for those who will be found committing such violation.