Manila-Taguig Expressway

Project Description: 
  • The Manila Taguig Expressway (MTEX) Project is an approximate 18 km elevated toll road expressway to run along banks of Pasig River which shall serve as a radial road in Metro Manila that connect the province of Rizal through Metro Manila Expressway (C-6), to the heart of the Cities of Pasig, Makati and Manila. The project is divided into three (3) phases with consideration of mainly right-of-way availability and function priority, namely:

Phase 1A – from Circumferential Road 3 (C3) to Circumferential Road 6 (C6)

Phase 1B – from C5 to C6

Phase 2 – from Intramuros to C3

Project Objectives: 
  • Aims to connect Metro Manila Skyway Stage 3 and the Metro Manila Expressway.

Project Concessionaire: 

CLGP Philippine Holdings, Inc. and P.T. Citra Persada Infrastruktur

Project Cost: 
  • P 66.646 B

Project Status: 
  • The unsolicited proposal was submitted by CLGP Philippine Holdings, Inc. and PT Citra Persada Infrastruktur to DPWH on November 28, 2016
  • Technical Working Group was created and will convene upon receiving all the responses by the Private Sector on DPWH comments.
  • DPWH is evaluating the updated documents based on the Unsolicited Proposal checklist.
  • BRS has yet to confirm if the proposal uses new technology.
  • For evaluation 
Project Alignment: