Project Description: 
  • The proposed project involves the construction of a Super Bridge that will link Mindoro Island to the Province of Batangas. The bridge is 15 km and will cover the 8.5 km distance from Mindoro Island to Verde Island and 6.5 km from Verde Island to Batangas, over a 10m – 300m water depth.
  • Number of lanes : 2 or 4
  • Pedestrian/bicycle lane : optional
  • Ship passage : Gate/High Bridge
Project Objectives: 
  • To maximize the current position of Mindoro Island as “Luzon's Gateway to the South” to the Island Provinces of Visayas and Mindanao Region through opening roads to faster and efficient transport of goods and people along the existing Nautical Highway.
  • To cater to the increasing demand for expansion and optimization of basic industries or utilities like water, power, oil, and telecommunication companies.
  • To boost agriculture and ecotourism.
Project Concessionaire: 

Far East Mega Builders Corporation (FEMBC)

Project Cost: 
  • Norway construction unit cost: US$ 75,000 per meter
Project Status: 
  • Originally proposed by FEMBC to the Provincial Government of Oriental Mindoro, endorsed to NEDA and referred to DPWH.
  • The DPWH has clarified with the LGU of Oriental Mindoro on the implementation scheme for the project whether under PPP mode or ODA.
  • House Bill # 2767 dated 9 August 2017 was proposed by Congressman Reynaldo V. Umali, relative to the implementation under PPP mode for the Construction, Operation and Maintenance of the Mindoro-Batangas Nautical Bridge Highway linking Mindoro Island to Batangas City
  • PPPS prepared letter to Government of Oriental Mindoro requesting for a meeting to discuss and clarify the PPP mode of the proposed project.
  • For Evaluation 
Project Alignment: