Project Description: 

The project will start at Pagbilao, Quezon and will end at existing Maharlika Highway in San Fernando, Camarines Sur. The project will have an indicative length of approximately 180 kilometers and will be an alternative option of travel from Quezon and the Bicol Provinces.

Project Objectives: 
  • To provide a fast and developed alternative for commuters to use since the original road being traversed by the people will go through the “Poblacions” of the different Municipalities.
  • To provide a safe and direct route to the provinces of Bicol since the original route traverses through the mountainside and other fragmentary roads.
  • To provide a direct and fast route between both provinces, the trade of goods will also prosper not only between Quezon and Bicol but also in the Northern part of Luzon because travel time for trucks will be reduced.
  • To be classified as a “Project of National Significance” due to its function to connect Quezon and Bicol provinces which are fast developing provinces of Southern Luzon.
Project Cost: 
  • To be determined
Project Status: 
  • Conduct of Feasibility Study will be included in the various Projects Phase II under the Project Preparation Division of the Planning Service
  • For Feasibility Study
Project Alignment: 
Project Timeline: 
Feasibility Study1st - 3rd Quarter of 2018
Tender Process4th Quarter of 2018 - 3rd Quarter 2019
Detailed Engineering Design4th Quarter of 2019 - 1st Quarter of 2021
Right-of-Way Acquisition4th Quarter of 2020 - 3rd Quarter of 2023
Construction1st Quarter of 2022 - 4th Quarter of 2026
Issues and Concerns: 
  • Priority Project for immediate implementation