Project Description: 

The Project is in the northern coastline of Manila Bay that involves financing, design and construction of the following components:
a. City Flood Control in the coastal waters of Navotas City;
b. Coastal Sea Barrier through the northern part of Manila Bay covering the coastal areas of Bulacan, Pampanga and Bataan;
c. An expressway that will connect Bataan with Metro Manila and providing direct access to the provinces of Bulacan and Pampanga with a Concession Period of 50 years.

Project Objectives: 

This project aims to:

  • improve adaptive capacity against city coastal flooding of northwest Metro Manila;
  • improve adaptive capacity against typhoon waves of the coastal zone in the northern part of Manila Bay;
  • increase efficiency of logistics;
  • provide space to accommodate urban growth and industrial development; and
  • enhance the littoral ecological system of Manila Bay.
Project Concessionaire: 

 Coastal Development Consortium (CDC) consists of San Miguel Holdings Corporation (SMHC) and New San Jose Builders Inc. (NSJBI)


Project Cost: 

Php 399.66 Billion (constant costs in price levels of 2014)

  • City Flood Barrier – requires upfront investments in the amount of US$ 1.4 Billion (PhP 60.84 Billion).
  • Expressway – requires investments in the amount of US$ 0.9 Billion (PhP 40.36 Billion)
  • Coastal Barrier – requires investments up to US$ 5.4 Billion (PhP 237.02 Billion).
Project Status: 
  • For evaluation of NEDA-ICC
Project Alignment: 
Project Timeline: 
NEDA Board Approval4th Quarter 2018
Swiss Challenge4th Quarter 2018 - 1st Quarter 2019
Signing of Concession Agreement3rd Quarter 2019
Construction: City Flood Barrier2021 - 2024
                     Coastal Sea Barrier2025 - 2028
                     Expressway2024 - 2035
                     Reclamation2021 - 2070