Project Description: 


  • The project is envisioned to provide a high standard highway cum dike that will facilitate traffic flow and mitigate flooding in the western coastal communities along Laguna Lake, from Bicutan/Taguig in Metro Manila through Calamba to Los Baños in Laguna.

  • The proposed alignment runs 500 meters away on average following the shoreline of the Laguna Lake.

  • The Project has the following components:

 (A) Expressway Dike, Taguig-Los Baños, 47 km, with two (2) sections as follows:

(1) Bicutan-Calamba

(2) Calamba-Los Baños

                        a. 4-lane tollway with 8 interchanges and access roads

                              b. Dike designed for 100-year flood, and 16 floodgates/pumping stations designed for 60-year flood.

(B) Reclamation, 700 hectares, Taguig-Muntinlupa

                   a. 7 islands, about 450-500m wide and 15.6km long

                   b. With horizontal development (roads, drainage, open spaces)

                   c. 100-150m channel between lakeshore and reclamation


Project Objectives: 
  • The expressway is intended to relieve the heavily travelled Bicutan–Calamba corridor (SLEX and Manila South Road)
  • To serve as an alternate to the congested road of the National Highway from Calamba to Los Baños.
  • The proposed expressway will be used to integrate a flood control system to protect the flood prone areas located along the shoreland of Laguna Lake
  • Main economic benefits include savings in vehicle operating costs, savings in passenger time, reduction in flood damages, increase in land productivity in existing communities due to flood protection, and increase in land productivity (value added) in the reclamation area.
Project Benefits: 
  • Reduce travel time from Bicutan to Los Baños from 90 to 35 minutes
  • Will create 700 hectares of land asset
  • Php 8.1B average annual flood damage will be avoided
  • An average of 800,000 people will no longer be affected by flood
  • Flood prone structures will be protected
  • Travel speed will increase from 30–45 kph to 80 kph
Project Cost: 
    • Expressway Dike – PhP 64.914 B
    • Reclamation – PhP 57.897 B
    • Feasibility Study - PhP 0.050 B
    • Total Project Cost– PhP 122.861 B
Project Status: 
  • The bidding process on 28 March 2016 has failed as qualified bidders did not submit offers citing the project's risk profile and complexity, particularly the flood control component and its connectivity to C5, among others. The DPWH will review the assumptions and the project's risk profile, as well as the possibility of fully or partially undertaking the flood control component.
  • Letter to Asian Development Bank (ADB) seeking for Transaction Advisory assistance on project restructuring was submitted on October 7, 2016.
  • ADB is awaiting the confirmation of DPWH whether the project is a priority before conducting a scoping study.
  • Deferred. Awaiting for further instruction.
Project Alignment: