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As of 28 December 2016
Source: RBIA Generated Report                             Unit of Measure: In Linear Meter 
Bridge No. Bridge ID Bridge Name Bridge Type Overall Condition Length
1 B00536MN Tikwas Br. Permanent Concrete Fair 31.15
2 B00537MN Balongating Br. Permanent Concrete Fair 31.65
3 B00538MN Dinas Br. Permanent Concrete Bad 75.85
4 B00539MN Limonan Br. Permanent Concrete Fair 45.60
5 B00541MN Dumanquilas Br. Permanent Concrete Fair 15.55
6 B00542MN Tubod Br. Permanent Concrete Good 15.30
7 B00543MN Dumalinao Br. Permanent Concrete Fair 36.70
8 B00544MN Begong Br. Permanent Concrete Good 11.50
9 B00545MN Deorok Br. Permanent Concrete Fair 39.00
10 B00546MN Maragang Br. Permanent Concrete Poor 19.12
11 B00547MN Nilo Br. Permanent Concrete Fair 19.18
12 B00548MN Gapo Br. Permanent Concrete Fair 28.70
13 B00549MN Kumalarang Br. 1 Permanent Concrete Fair 72.00
14 B00550MN Sayao Br. Permanent Concrete Fair 19.40
15 B00551MN Diplo Br. Permanent Concrete Fair 28.55
16 B00552MN Picanan Br. Permanent Concrete Fair 20.60
17 B00553MN Boyugan Br. Permanent Concrete Fair 36.60
18 B01556MN Salagmanok Br. Permanent Steel Fair 21.55
19 B01557MN San Isidro Br. Permanent Steel Fair 12.43
20 B01559MN Depase Br. Permanent Steel Fair 39.87
21 B01560MN Bayog Br. Permanent Steel Fair 56.15
22 B01561MN Bobuan Br. Permanent Steel Fair 21.58
23 B01580MN Margosatubig Br. Permanent Steel Fair 15.46
24 B01583MN Depili Br. Permanent Steel Fair 71.15
25 B01584MN Depore Br. Permanent Steel Bad 39.95
26 B01585MN Kumalarang Br. 2 Permanent Concrete Fair 12.10
27 B01698MN Paglaom Br. Permanent Steel Fair 34.70
28 B01699MN Maculay Br. Permanent Steel Fair 35.22
29 B01701MN Digon Br. Permanent Steel Good 35.25
30 B01702MN Guiniculalay Br. Permanent Concrete Fair 121.05
31 B01703MN San Pablo Br. 1 Permanent Steel Fair 22.50
32 B01704MN San Pablo Br. 2 Permanent Steel Fair 22.53
33 B01706MN Kabatan Br. 1 Permanent Steel Good 35.10
34 B01707MN Pantad Br. Permanent Steel Good 16.50
35 B01709MN Dimaya Br. Permanent Concrete Good 25.50
36 B01710MN Sibul Br. Permanent Concrete Fair 36.50
37 B01712MN Buburay Br. Temporary Bailey Bad 15.00
38 B01802MN Maclob Br. Permanent Concrete Good 30.81
39 B01878MN Canowayan Br. Permanent Concrete Good 30.84
40 B01879MN Marao Br. Permanent Concrete Good 30.84


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1.) Bridge data provided are as of  28 December 2016.

2.) The unit of measure for Bridge Data is linear meters.

3.) Further Assessment refers to Bridges that are either under the circumstances of on-going construction, under major maintenance work or washed-out.

4.) National Bridges are classified into:

        Permanent Bridges - are bridges that are composed of concrete and steel.

        Temporary Bridges - are bridges consisting of timber and bailey.

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