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As of 28 December 2016
Source: RBIA Generated Report                             Unit of Measure: In Linear Meter 
Bridge No. Bridge ID Bridge Name Bridge Type Overall Condition Length
1 B00137MN Balok Br. Permanent Concrete Fair 184.20
2 B00139MN Denoyan Br. (FVR) Permanent Steel Good 41.00
3 B00141MN Localoc Br. (FVR) Permanent Steel Good 24.60
4 B00244MN Calakas Br. (FVR) Permanent Steel Good 30.70
5 B00425MN Dicayo Br. Permanent Concrete Good 184.95
6 B00426MN Mias Br. Permanent Concrete Fair 24.00
7 B00427MN Iboan Br. Permanent Concrete Good 6.00
8 B00428MN Minang Br. Permanent Concrete Fair 22.93
9 B00429MN Piao Br. Permanent Steel Fair 61.74
10 B00430MN Langatian Br. Permanent Concrete Good 6.78
11 B00431MN Tangian Br. Permanent Steel Fair 41.00
12 B00432MN Irasan Br. Permanent Concrete Good 6.00
13 B00433MN Dohinob Diut Br. Permanent Concrete Fair 84.47
14 B00434MN Dohinob Dacu Br. Permanent Steel Fair 65.00
15 B00435MN Lipras Br. Permanent Concrete Good 12.00
16 B00436MN Dipane Br. Permanent Steel Good 40.34
17 B00437MN Sipulan Br. Permanent Concrete Fair 12.60
18 B00438MN Dapatan Br. Permanent Steel Fair 81.90
19 B00439MN Manukan Br. Permanent Steel Fair 40.56
20 B00440MN Dequis Br. Permanent Steel Fair 31.65
21 B00441MN Patunan Br. Permanent Concrete Good 24.50
22 B00442MN Piangon Br. Permanent Steel Fair 25.98
23 B00443MN Bogatong Br. Permanent Concrete Good 12.60
24 B00444MN Disakan Br. Permanent Steel Fair 92.00
25 B00445MN Ponot Diut Br. Permanent Steel Fair 47.18
26 B00446MN Ponot Dacu Br. Permanent Steel Fair 41.22
27 B00447MN Manawan Br. Permanent Steel Fair 35.57
28 B00448MN Motibot Br. Permanent Steel Fair 40.60
29 B00449MN Nipaan Br. Permanent Steel Fair 51.00
30 B00450MN Pasanan Br. Permanent Steel Good 36.12
31 B00451MN Laputay Br. Permanent Concrete Fair 12.60
32 B00452MN Lintuad Br. (Cantilever) Permanent Concrete Good 21.70
33 B00453MN Siare Br. (Cantilever) Permanent Concrete Fair 21.72
34 B00454MN Piao Br. Permanent Concrete Fair 189.30
35 B00455MN Sindangan Br. Permanent Concrete Good 452.70
36 B00456MN Lingawan Br. Permanent Steel Fair 81.90
37 B00457MN Ingin Br. Permanent Steel Fair 129.17
38 B00458MN Talinga Br. Permanent Concrete Fair 222.20
39 B01191MN Quezon Br. Permanent Steel Fair 113.60
40 B01192MN Miputak Br. Permanent Steel Good 25.39
41 B01193MN Olingan Br. (Cantilever) Permanent Concrete Good 18.05
42 B01194MN Tamilocan Br. Permanent Concrete Poor 55.51
43 B01598MN Lapuyan Br. (FVR) Permanent Steel Fair 21.60



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1.) Bridge data provided are as of  28 December 2016.

2.) The unit of measure for Bridge Data is linear meters.

3.) Further Assessment refers to Bridges that are either under the circumstances of on-going construction, under major maintenance work or washed-out.

4.) National Bridges are classified into:

        Permanent Bridges - are bridges that are composed of concrete and steel.

        Temporary Bridges - are bridges consisting of timber and bailey.

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