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As of 28 December 2016
Source: RBIA Generated Report                             Unit of Measure: In Linear Meter 
Bridge No. Bridge ID Bridge Name Bridge Type Overall Condition Length
1 B00001CG Trining Br. Permanent Concrete Good 8.70
2 B00002CG Balbagon  Br. 1 Permanent Concrete Good 6.00
3 B00003CG Balbagon Br. 2 Permanent Concrete Good 10.00
4 B00005CG Maubog Br. 2 Permanent Concrete Fair 18.00
5 B00006CG Anito Br. Permanent Concrete Good 11.05
6 B00007CG Magting Br. Permanent Concrete Fair 14.53
7 B00008CG Tupsan Br. Permanent Concrete Good 14.80
8 B00010CG Lutao Br. Permanent Steel Fair 31.00
9 B00012CG Cantaan Br. Permanent Concrete Good 14.50
10 B00013CG Guinsiliban Br. Permanent Steel Good 16.15
11 B00015CG Sagay Br. Permanent Concrete Good 36.40
12 B00016CG Bugang Br. Permanent Steel Good 21.10
13 B00017CG Alga Br. Permanent Concrete Good 18.90
14 B00018CG Puti Br. Permanent Concrete Good 15.97
15 B00019CG Looc Br. Permanent Concrete Fair 31.50
16 B00020CG Dinangasan Br. Permanent Concrete Good 217.93
17 B00021CG Timayog Br. 1 Permanent Concrete Good 51.50
18 B00022CG Timayog Br. 2 Permanent Concrete Good 20.60
19 B00023CG Aguran Br. Permanent Concrete Good 30.30
20 B00024CG Hubangon Br. 1 Permanent Concrete Good 40.93
21 B00025CG Hubangon Br. 2 Permanent Concrete Good 12.00
22 B00026CG Maac Br. Permanent Concrete Good 15.80
23 B00027CG Maubog Br. Permanent Concrete Good 10.80


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1.) Bridge data provided are as of  28 December 2016.

2.) The unit of measure for Bridge Data is linear meters.

3.) Further Assessment refers to Bridges that are either under the circumstances of on-going construction, under major maintenance work or washed-out.

4.) National Bridges are classified into:

        Permanent Bridges - are bridges that are composed of concrete and steel.

        Temporary Bridges - are bridges consisting of timber and bailey.

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