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Surigao del Sur 1st
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As of 28 December 2016
Source: RBIA Generated Report                             Unit of Measure: In Linear Meter 
Bridge No. Bridge ID Bridge Name Bridge Type Overall Condition Length
1 B00818MN Ngilan Br. Permanent Concrete Good 19.70
2 B00820MN Taguibo Br. Permanent Steel Fair 223.02
3 B00821MN Anticala Br. Permanent Concrete Fair 12.66
4 B00822MN Pianing Br. Permanent Concrete Fair 21.26
5 B00880MN Libertad Br. Permanent Steel Good 35.20
6 B00885MN South Montilla Br. Permanent Concrete Good 20.56
7 B00886MN Bitan-agan Br. Permanent Steel Fair 46.48
8 B00887MN Bugabus Br. Permanent Concrete Fair 55.89
9 B00888MN Mabuhay Br. Permanent Steel Good 36.30
10 B00889MN Tag-anahaw Br. Permanent Steel Fair 22.12
11 B00890MN Subait Br. Permanent Concrete Fair 25.61
12 B00891MN Tungao FVR Br. Permanent Steel Fair 19.30
13 B00892MN Suatan Br. Permanent Concrete Fair 18.80
14 B00998MN Magsaysay Viaduct Br. 1 Permanent Concrete Good 91.20
15 B01214MN Doongan Br. Permanent Concrete Good 25.00
16 B01668MN Baan Br. Permanent Concrete Good 25.80
17 B01669MN Diosdado Macapagal Br. Permanent Steel Fair 881.80
18 B01670MN Mandacpan Br. Permanent Concrete Good 95.65
19 B01671MN Bancasi Br. Permanent Concrete Good 50.00
20 B01721MN Dalipdipan Br. Permanent Concrete Good 22.65
21 B01722MN Ampayon Br. Permanent Concrete Good 21.14
22 B01723MN Magsaysay Br. Permanent Concrete Good 856.45
23 B01860MN Agay Br. Permanent Steel Good 19.60
24 B01861MN Minalum Br. Permanent Steel Good 22.60
25 B01862MN Los Angeles Br. Permanent Concrete Good 12.80


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1.) Bridge data provided are as of  28 December 2016.

2.) The unit of measure for Bridge Data is linear meters.

3.) Further Assessment refers to Bridges that are either under the circumstances of on-going construction, under major maintenance work or washed-out.

4.) National Bridges are classified into:

        Permanent Bridges - are bridges that are composed of concrete and steel.

        Temporary Bridges - are bridges consisting of timber and bailey.

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