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As of 28 December 2016
Source: RBIA Generated Report                             Unit of Measure: In Linear Meter 
Bridge No. Bridge ID Bridge Name Bridge Type Overall Condition Length
1 B00909LZ Baroan Br. Permanent Steel Fair 29.20
2 B00910LZ Datakan Br. Permanent Steel Fair 10.00
3 B00911LZ Aso Br. Permanent Concrete Bad 6.60
4 B00912LZ Lomon Br. Permanent Concrete Fair 12.60
5 B00913LZ Taba-ao Br. Permanent Steel Fair 10.30
6 B00914LZ Amburayan Br. Permanent Steel Good 87.90
7 B00915LZ Salacop Br.(washed out) Permanent Concrete Further Assessment 25.66
8 B00916LZ Ipit Br. Permanent Steel Good 19.75
9 B00917LZ Ambalideng Br. Permanent Concrete Good 34.80
10 B01314LZ Baguingey Br. Permanent Concrete Fair 7.25
11 B01991LZ Mayus Br. Permanent Concrete Good 22.60
12 B02076LZ Namalitok Br. Temporary Bailey Bad 37.40
13 B02077LZ Malikliko Br. Temporary Bailey Bad 24.35
14 B02159LZ Guinaoang Br. Permanent Steel Fair 19.50
15 B02160LZ Tubo Br. Permanent Steel Fair 19.40
16 B02669LZ Amlimay Br. Permanent Steel Good 24.70
17 B02670LZ Capuyoan Br. Permanent Steel Good 45.90
18 B02671LZ Asinan Br. Permanent Steel Good 21.65
19 B02672LZ Toking Br. Permanent Concrete Good 11.10
20 B02673LZ Man-asok Br. Permanent Steel Good 23.90
21 B02677LZ Loo Br. Permanent Concrete Fair 12.60
22 B02678LZ Galap Br. 1 Permanent Steel Good 34.30
23 B02680LZ Palew Br. Permanent Steel Bad 37.60
24 B02681LZ Chicao Br. Permanent Steel Good 15.85
25 B02682LZ Kamunayan Br. Permanent Concrete Fair 27.70
26 B03270LZ Baguyos Br. Permanent Concrete Fair 27.60
27 B04228LZ Suyoc Br. Permanent Steel Good 52.00



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1.) Bridge data provided are as of  28 December 2016.

2.) The unit of measure for Bridge Data is linear meters.

3.) Further Assessment refers to Bridges that are either under the circumstances of on-going construction, under major maintenance work or washed-out.

4.) National Bridges are classified into:

        Permanent Bridges - are bridges that are composed of concrete and steel.

        Temporary Bridges - are bridges consisting of timber and bailey.

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