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NLEx-SLEx Link Expressway


To complete the north-south industrial development beltway transport axis by connecting NLEx with SLEx.

To decongest Metro Manila traffic

To provide better access to Manila ports.


Project Description :

Construction of a 13.4 km. 4-lane elevated expressway to link the existing SLEX and NLEX passing through Metro Manila and utilizing the existing PNR alignment as its route. 

Mostly elevated structure

Total Project Cost
  P 19.984 B
Government Support
  • ROW P 4,666

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Project Cost :

Processes/Activities Timelines
Negotiations suspended November 25, 2011
Awaiting confirmation from DOTC on the use of the PNR ROW for the Connector March 2012
Resubmission to NEDA for review of indicative Rate of Return (ROR) due to realignment and change in scope of work April 2012
Resume negotiation between DPWH & MPTDC April-June 2012
Submission of results of negotiation to NEDA for Review and Approval July 2012
MPTDC to notify DPWH of its acceptance of the terms and conditions of NEDA Approval August 2012
Publication September 2012
Submission of Bids January 2013
Notice of Award March 2013
Detailed Engineering Design and Right-of-way Acquisition April 2013-March 2014
Construction Apr 2014-Sept.2016
Start of Operations October 2016



MPTDC request for extension of negotiation for 8 weeks after DOTC's no objection for the usage of PNR R.O.W.

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