Warning Against Unscrupulous Individual

Unscrupulous individual is using the name of DPWH Bureau of Maintenance Director Ernesto S. Gregorio Jr. in illegal activities.

It has come to the attention of Director Gregorio that a person introducing Echiveri has been using his name or the office to solicit money from people, including certain Mr. Lam of JASA Builders.

Let it be known to the public that Director Gregorio is not involved in any solicitation or any act of extortion from anyone as reportedly claimed by Mr. Lam as these are unauthorized, unlawful, and should be totally disregarded. Director Gregorio denounces any act of deception with intention to malign his image as public servant.

This statement is made to warn the public against dealing with that Echiveri or anyone who is made to appear as staff or representative of Director Gregorio or any other DPWH officials.

The public is also urged to report similar incidents and any attempt of doubtful proposals, offers or solicitations claiming they are from DPWH by calling the Stakeholders Relations Service, DPWH Central Office at telephone number (02) 5304-3370 or Hotline 165-02.