Warning Against Bogus DPWH Task Force Against Graft and Corruption Representatives

The public is warned anew of unscrupulous individuals using the name of DPWH Task Force against Graft and Corruption (TAG) Chairperson, Assistant Secretary Mel John I. Verzosa, and other DPWH officials for fraudulent activities.

DPWH has received several reports from the Regional and District Engineering Offices that received calls from certain “Chris Reyes,” “Alex,” or even impersonating Assistant Secretary Verzosa using mobile numbers 09758247819 and 09632779623 to obtain contact information of contractors and to solicit money and favors from employees and contractors.

The public is urged to be vigilant and confirm the identity of every person they are transacting with to avoid furthering these deceitful schemes.

We encourage everyone to report similar or any doubtful incidents to the Chairperson of DPWH-TAG at +632-5304-3301 or via e-mail at tag@dpwh.gov.ph.